One Week at a Time in the Dirt
A Racers View
By: Kevin "Ohio Outlaw" Lentz
Week 7 May 18, 2005
Mother Nature is having a great year and she continued her winning ways again last weekend.  Raining out
Rocky Top Speedway on Friday night and spoiling any plans on Saturday night.  For the eighth time this
year she proved to be anything other than a race fan.  As of today, Wednesday, she appears poised to ruin
another Friday night.  But we remain hopeful that she changes her mind.

When I last left you I was in search of a new power steering unit.  We were able to scrape up enough money
to get one from Poske’s and put it in early on Friday morning.  I was excited to give the Rayburn a whirl
around the track, but will have to wait until this Friday.  I have to thank Jeff Reinshield for his welding
expertise and quick work on getting us ready to race.  

We also had a lot of sheet metal to bend out and patch after the rough weekend we had the last time out.  
When I got to the shop early on Friday, Jeff had already had the power steering in and we were busting our
rear ends to get the body back on.  The body came back to shape pretty good which saved us a little money
and time.  I am hoping that I don’t have to change the body for a while.  

We loaded the truck and ate a few sandwiches and were off to Rocky Top.  The sun was shining all day and
it looked as though we were going to get dirty and dirty we got.  As soon as I pulled up into the pits and
parked we saw the sky and immediately covered the car and waited.  There were about twenty-five trailers
on the hill and a few more ready to come up when the rains hit.  After a fifteen minute steady rain, I jumped
out of the truck and instantly sank in a good foot of mud.  I quickly jumped back in the truck and said, "
There’s no way I am unloading in this mud.  Nothing happened for a good half hour as we all just waited.  
The biggest concern seemed to be how everyone was going to get out and back down the hill.  Many
haulers were stuck and needed assistance to get backed out.  After an hour it rained again, further adding
to the mud problem.  Finally one of the track officials jumped on a grader and cleared a path down the hill to
pit road.  We eventually made it down the hill and were headed down the road.  

We finally made it back to the shop around midnight and unloaded and called it a night.  I ran in to get a
little food and some pop for the road and headed back to Cleveland, as I had to be at work at 5 a.m.  There
is nothing like driving twelve hours in one day and not even get to race.  We had already made the decision
to take Saturday night off and get ready for this weekend.

This weekend we are planning to be at Rocky Top on Friday night and then decide after that where we will
go Saturday.  At this point Midway and I-77 are the most likely choices.

I would once again like to thank Jody Shannon and
Todd LeFevers for this opportunity.  I want to thank my
Rhodes Race Wire, A-C Cleaning and Restoration, Midwest Right of Way, Bunker Hill Welding
And Fabrication, , Fire Freeze Worldwide and American Eagle Moving.  I would also
like to thank Kyle Jones for his dedicated pr work for L & W Motorsports. To read our weekly press
releases go to  Lastly and definitely not least the fans for their continued support of all
the tracks and drivers.  We are still in need of additional sponsorship for the 2005 campaign and have many
programs to fit you needs. If you would be interested in teaming with us you can e-mail me at

Kevin "Ohio Outlaw" Lentz
L & W Motorsports