(Left to Right) Kyle, Me, and Big Smoke at the 2005
Dream 100 Eldora Speedway.
JT "Cat Scratch" LeFever
The Catmobile
(L-R) Pam, Kathy, Me, Vern, Billie, and Shelia at the
Cumberland Gap. Photo by Nora LeFevers.
My first trip to Florida around 1972. It wouldn't be my last.
Me and my Dad after a feature win at Brown County
Speedway in 1975. Dad won the championship at Brown
County that year. He also made a run on Merryfield in the
1975 World 100. He pulled to the outside of Merryfield down
the back chute on the lap 84. The way this car was made they
had to have the frame notched so the tie rods would clear and
as he passed Merryfield on the outside into turn 3 he hit a
hole and the tie rod caught the frame and broke and the right
front ball joint broke and hit the fence ending his day. 10
years later I would have a
Green #13 of my own.
Me, Doug Lee, Art Klinefelter, and Dad at Florence
Speedway in 1986. Even though I drove a mini stock a few
times for Buddy Cook a few years earlier this was my first
car. Art stayed with us at the 1985 World 100 and on the way
he asked, "Why aren't you driving yet. I told him I wouldn't
have money for an engine. He said I got an brand new short
block it's yours. I had a 1971 Monte Carlo that I cherished. I
mean I kept it clean under the hood. I sold it and bought a
Howe chassis from Bill Bartholmew who ran asphalt. It was a
limited Late Model with a 355 cubic inch Chevrolet. The
steering box was complete junk on it and you could move the
steering wheel a 1/4 turn each way and never turn the wheels.
I told Dad every night and he would always reply just drive it.
Well he got his chance after his car broke he said let me drive
yours. He was running 5th in the heat after starting on the
tail. As he was catching the pack the leaders tangled and he
really had no where to go. He tore the body all to pieces and
when he got out he said, "I don't know how in the hell you
drive this".
This is me at Florence Speedway in 1986 in the same car as
above. After Vern got a hold of it we had to put some new
sides on it. Vern still said just drive it and I did the rest of that
year. Vern drove it one more time and won a heat in it.
After the 1986 season it was clear to me that I just couldn't
afford it. But a guy named Donnie Lockner and Joyce Miller
had an Howe asphalt car that they ran. It was number 6 I
think, but I know it was Pink. He said put your engine in my
car and I'll let you run it in Late Model. I said there is no way
I'm running it pink like that. So he changed it to green and ran
#13. We only ran it a few times. Vern won a late model heat in
it starting from the tail after his ride broke.
(Left to Right) Me, Dad, Troy Cruise, and Roy Cruise after a
Union County Speedway win in 1987.
I wouldn't get my next chance to wheel until I believe it was
the 1991 season. Dad had a Billy Teegarden dazzler chassis
that was a good car but getting old. Jack Lusby had Dad
driving his car which looked identical to this one expect
instead of orange it had red trim. So Art Klinefelter had this
Rayburn leaf car the the front frame horns were bent on and
gave it to Jack. Jack clipped it and told Dad put everything
off your car on this one and we'll have a backup. Well they
took them both to Florence for the believe it was the
North/South 100. Dad qualified them both and even though
this car had a little better starting position Dad decided to
drive Jack's car. So I asked him to let me start the tail in it.
He said ok but look this is my engine and I can't afford to
blow it so keep an eye on the gauges. In the heat I guess I
wasn't driving it hard enough and I couldn't get it to turn. I
can't tell you where I finished in the heat but it was good
enough to put me on the tail of the consi. Vern was on the
outside second row of the consi. So Jack says I'll make it turn
and put about 6" of stagger in it. When the green flag flew it
felt like I was going nowhere, Engine just bogged down but
each lap I was picking them off. As we got the halfway flags I
was 5th. I came from 20th to 5th in just 10 laps. Vern was
running 3rd and Gary Krug was 4th and I was catching them
when the caution flag flew just after the halfway mark. I
yelled at the top of my lungs. Dad always said the day you
outrun me is the day I quit. So I made up my mind when I go
to pass him I might wreck us both but I'm going to way to him
and make sure I get his attention. I went from smile to frown
when I looked down at the gauges and saw it on 250 degrees.
I shut it down and coasted in the pits. The lower radiator hose
had blown. But that thing handled like a Cadillac and I knew
what I wanted to do again someday.
This is the Swartz leaf car owned by Sam Gilbert that Vern
won almost a hundred features in.
3 generations. This was Vern's backup car owned by Sam
Gilbert and Owen Stephens Jr. It's the same leaf car that is in
the picture above. When I showed up that night they told me I
was driving. I had three goals. 1) To not to spin out. 2) To not
tear up their car. 3) To win a race. I accomplished all three. It
was at that time though that I knew I needed my own car to be
comfortable enough to take the chance of tearing it up.
This is Vern's first win of the new millennium. The fives being
held up are for 5 decades of feature wins.
I was at a company meeting at Hooter's in Springdale and ran
into Scott James. I walked out of there determined no matter
what I would be at the World 100.  
2 of my 3 favorite things in the World at one of my favorite
places in the World. Michael and Jaclyn LeFevers in front of
my car they just finished lettering at Jack Lusby's in Sunman,
Indiana in 2002.
Rolling her out of the garage in preparation for the
2002 World 100.
Loading for the 2002 World 100. I wouldn't win it, but I proved
my point to many people.
Dreams do come true. All three of my kids at the Dream 100.
(L-R) Michael, Me, Carolyn, Jaclyn, and my mother Nora at
the 2004 Dream. Frog Photo.
Me and my bro Doug Lee living it up at the 2003 World 100
(Left to Right) Me, Josh King, and Dawn Gabbard at Eldora
Speedway in 2003. Maddbiscuit Photo.
(Left to Right) Kyle, Jennifer Gabbard, and at Eldora
Speedway in 2003. Maddbiscuit Photo.
Carolyn left and Jaclyn right and me in 2003.
(Back Row) My Mom Nora, Dad Vern, and me. (Front Row)
Michael and Jaclyn. 2004 at Mudlick Raceway for a racing
achievment award they gave Dad.
The great water war of the 2004 World 100. Little Magee
pilots Steel Rod's war wagon while kyle wages war out of the
back. I'm in deep thought and discussion with "The Xenia
Tornado". Discussing how we are going to sneak over there
once everybody goes into the track and empty the enemy
water supply. Maddbiscuit Photo.
Me at the World famous Wagon Wheel Nite Club
"The House of Truth" enters the hallowed gates of Florence
Speedway for the 2004 Ralph Latham Memorial.
Maddbiscuit Photo.
My F chord just for WoO and the Dirty Dozen.
At one time I had 13 green/teal guitars. Here were a few. B.C.
Rich Mockingbird acrylic, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Deluxe
Strat, Valley Arts American.
(Left to Right) Kyle, "The DRF" Jody Shannon, and me at
the 2005 Dream 100..
(Left to Right) "The DRF" Jody Shannon, Bignutz Steve, and
me at the 2005 Dream 100.
(Left to Right) Me, Josh King, and "The DRF" Jody
Shannon at the 2005 North/South 100
Florence Kentucky Speedway.
James Essex, Michael, and me at the 2005 National Dirt
Late Model Hall of Fame presentation at Florence Speedway.
Jeff Eissing Photo.
Me and Bob "Pop" Harper at the 2005 Big Dawg 100
Lawrenceburg Indiana Speedway.
The Four Horsemen (Left to Right) Jody Shannon, JT
LeFever, Toby Hallett, and Doug Lee. GonRacin' Photo.
(Left to Right) Standing Kevin Blair, JT LeFever, at table
Bryant Scudder, Jeff Davidson, Toby Hallett. GonRacin'
The Lewis County, Kentucky delegation of  
TheDRC.net/Dirtfans.com at the 2005 World 100. Harry
Gilbert and crew pulled into Eldora and setup Rushville which
consisted of 9 tents and the Voodoo lounge. They did this all
in less than 30 minutes.
Unknown Hinson and Me New Years Eve @
The Southgate House
yahoo: racer113jt