My First Trip to Kentucky Lake
By Cat Scratch LeFever
My first trip to Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway was a memorable one to say the least. It started
out as all the other trips before, good friends with visions of fast women and good racing. It ended
with the never ending reminder that traction control and greed is killing racing and in some cases
ruining promoters and closing race tracks.

I entered Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway for the first time with high expectations. I knew I was
going to see an awesome facility, great family, friends, and fans. To be honest I also knew I was
going to see traction control and I was sure when it was all over there was going to be fast women.

As we entered the parking lot all was well with the vision of a "Taj Majal" type facility. We parked
outside of turn three. I anxiously walked up the steep grass bank to get my first view. I'm sure my
smile went straight to thoughts of no racing and disappointment. It's amazing to me that something I
grew up praying for was now a disappointment to me.

Yes from the time I could remember until the year 2000 I hoped for a black slick race track every
week. This was when throttle masters could come to the front in some cases with less equipment.
Regardless of how great these throttle masters were they all slipped a wheel from time to time.

My second thought was as I suspected it's a little too wide. I think they need to move the tires out
about 10-15 feet and force them to use the top of the race track. I knew it was confirmed when the
same comments came from the legendary Bubby James and numerous other fans. But I couldn't help
but wonder if the 10-15 feet would matter if everybody had to be a throttle master?

I sat there and watched and listened to controlled slide after controlled slide. I watched drivers that
should be smoked never slip a wheel. The worst part is we have some that will praise Johnny
Notalent and then bash the track prep and promoter.

In a day before traction controlled slides, a struggling wheelman would have walked up and thanked a
promoter with such a slick surface. It helped him compete with the high dollar engines and specialty
tires. If you need proof look no farther then the heats. The best racing was at the back of the pack
this weekend. Several unheard of drivers beat, battled, and nearly killed each other trying not to
finish last. These guys actually had to work the throttle with each slipping at some point.

Some might say legalize it and then everybody can have it. In my opinion you will see even more train
racing and true drivers with less equipment at the back with not enough engine to keep up. It would
also rob the promoters as fewer and fewer fans would put up with train racing, blame it on the
promoter and quit going.

Some might say then those guys need to quit if they don't have the money. In my opinion many of
those drivers would come to the front with less funding if the promoters would just eliminate traction

Some might say well how can they eliminate traction control? Unlike the many stories these greed
driven companies selling illegal devices will tell you. Traction control is easy to find and if any
promoter wants to contact me I will donate my time to helping them save their race track and the
dignity and history of this great sport.

I have heard others say the 2006 Early Bird reminds them of the 2004 DTWC. My very first thought
was it was nothing like the 2004 DTWC. There were no oilers, flashing lights, or stopping Rockets.
But the more I think of it there are similarities. Both are great facilities, both could improve a little,
and both are being blamed for bad track prep when the finger should be pointed to traction control,
hydraulics, favoritism, cheaters, and bad race car tech.

I watched 6 Late Model heats and 10 Modified heats. Other than the fun of getting out of my seat to
wonder around and talk to some great fans during the Modified spin fest heats I was ready to bring
on the fast women. When I sat back down I began to notice that all these spins for these cars that are
tough to drive with narrow tires and little weight over the front wheels. Yet here are others running
around there perfect, never slipping a wheel, and quiet as a church mouse. Makes one scratch his
head and wonders just when do the promoters, fans, and drivers stand up and eliminate this nonsense.

During one of the 5 Modified consi's I stood up and proclaimed to the DRC that we should move on
to Paducah and find those fast women. I walked out of the grandstands to find some more good fans
to talk racing with, as it was clear that was going to be the only racing I would get. I found some good
bench racing action and laughs and decided to ride it out.

As feature time approached, I knew the only race would be who would take the lead into that first
turn. Little did I know that a few of the DRC jumped on the advice and headed for the fast women
skipping the consi's and Late Model feature. With just a few laps left in the Late Model feature
Maddbiscuit, The DRF, and I made our way out and caught up with the Golf Cart Bandit, and
Squiggy who were keeping the fast women revving. As we sat there in Paducah having the time of our
lives and collecting memories that will last a lifetime I had to wonder……..How long before we start
skipping the TC freight train racing and head straight for the fast women?

Hopefully the fans, promoters, and drivers will stand up and get rid of the TC freight racing and make
sure the answer is never.