Ben Hart
Lawrenceburg Speedway June 13, 1964. Thats me on the left, the fellow on
the right(forgot his name) is the guy I bought the car from after he wrecked
it. I won my first race in my own car, the 2nd heat race.
Photo and caption sent by Ben Hart
Lawrenceburg Speedway June 13, 1964. This was the feature race. Ben Hart
# 4, Frankie Mack # 50, Mike Wilkens # 33.
Photo and caption sent by Ben Hart
Ben Hart beside the Art Burkart #12 Mustang at Tri County Speedway.
Photo sent by Gary Cox
About 1971, Florence Speedway. Ben Hart driving Art "Burky" Burkhart's #
12 mustang. I hold the "altitude" record at Florence Speedway in this car.
It was the first lap of a 50 lap feature, we were going down the back stretch,
in about the middle of the pack, and Dan Patton was in front of me. Suddenly
his left front wheel came off and I ran over it sending me above the lights. It
was dark up there and I had enough time to think about how I was going to
land. There were about 10 cars behind me that passed under me. I came down
almost level, thank goodness. They stopped the race and I managed to get to
my pit. Burky asked if I was all right. I told him my head was spinning a bit
and asked if the car was alright. He said the left rear spring may be broken. I
told him I would stay in the race and finish as best I could. When they
restarted the race my head quit spinning and the car started handling better
than it had ever handled. Although the car had a 300 c.i. 6 cylinder truck
engine with only a 2 barrel carb. I finished 4th that night against V 8's.
Photo and caption sent by Ben Hart
Photo sent by Ben Hart
Ben Hart #12 at Tri-County Speedway in 1972.
Photo sent by Rob Hart