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2004 Show-Me 100
Photos below results
87 drivers attempted qualifying.
Fast Qualifer: Scott Bloomquist 15.794
Manufacturer's Dash: 1) Ray Cook 2) Brian Birkhofer 3) Jeff Taylor 4) Dan Schlieper 5) John
Blankenship 6) Steve Francis 7) Brad Looney 8) Dale McDowell 9) Russ Scheffler

Heat #1: 1.Scott Bloomquist 2.Dale McDowell 3.Brad Hall 4.Ray Cook 5.Freddy Smith 6.Brad Erwin
7.Duke Whiseant 8.Richard Foster 9.Jay Johnson 10.Billy Peden Jr. 11.Don Cliburn 12.Mark Banal
13.Mike Buckner

Heat #2: 1.Shane Clanton 2.Steve Francis 3.Darren Miller 4.Don O'Neal 5.R.J.Conley 6.Brad Looney
7.Jeff Floyd 8.Greg Johnson 9.Garrett Durrett 10.Nick Marolf 11.Will Vaught 12.Greg Knight
13.Carey Conaway 14.Daniel Anders

Heat #3: 1.Jeff Taylor 2.Shannon Babb 3.Terry Phillips 4.Gary Stolba 5.Scott Dedwylder 6.Jerry Buck
7.Brandon McCormick 8.Johnny Waters 9.Bart Hartman 10.Terry English 11.Bryan Millican
12.Johnny Johnson 13.Marcus Minga 14.Reid Millard 15.Chuck Laney

Heat #4: 1.Wendell Wallace 2.John Blankenship 3.Rick Eckert 4.Bill Frye 5.Jared Landers
6.David Gibson 7.Wayne Brooks 8.Justin Fulton 9.Bill Reed 10.Raymond Merrill 11.Shane Diamant
12.Bobby Nash 13.Tony Izzo Jr 14.Brian Ritchie

Heat #5: 1.Billy Moyer 2.Stacy Taylor 3.Steve Rushin 4.Skip Arp 5.Brian Birkhofer 6.Richie Tosh
7.Dennis Erb Jr. 8.Todd Hall 9.Scott Drake 10.Jason Meadors 11.Steve Russell 12.Robert Utz

Heat #6: 1.Dan Schlieper 2.Jack Sullivan 3.Peyton Taylor 4.Darrell Lanigan 5.Charles Randolph
6.Chris Smyser 7.Dustin Mooneyham 8.Stacy Caldwell 9.Leslie Essary 10.Clayton Christenberry
11.Charles Laplant 12.Michael England 13.Bryon Allison 14.Tait Davenport

1st Last Chance Qualifier: 1.Bill Frye 2.Jeff Floyd 3.Brian Birkhofer 4.Gary Solba 5.Richie Tosh
6.Leslie Essary 7.Johnny Waters 8.Terry English 9.Bart Hartman 10.Brandon McCormick
11.Mark Banal 12.Don Cliburn 13.Clayton Christenberry 14.Shane Diamant 15.Justin Fulton
16.Carey Conaway 17.Marcus Minga 18.Chuck Laney 19.Roberts Utz 20.Daniel Anders
21.Charles Randolph 22.Chris Smyser

2nd Last Chance Qualifier: 1.Ray Cook 2.Darrell Lanigan 3.Brad Looney 4.Jared Landers
5.R.J.Conley 6.Garrett Durrett 7.Wayne Brooks 8.Duke Whiseant 9.Todd Hall 10.Brad Erwin
11.Stacy Caldwell 12.Johnny Johnson 13.Bill Reed 14.Greg Knight 15.Charles Laplant 16.Jason Meadors
17.Bryon Allison 18.Steve Russell

3rd Last Chance Qualifier: 1.Don O'Neal 2.Skip Arp 3.Freddy Smith 4.David Gibson 5.Scott Ditwallar
6.Dennis Erb 7.Jerry Buck 8.Greg Johnson 9.Scott Drake 10.Richard Foster 11.Billy Peden
12.Bryan Millican 13.Dustin Mooneyham 14.Jay Johnson 15.Mike Buckner 16.Nick Marolf
17.Will Vaught 18.Michael England 19.Tait Davenport 20.Reid Millard 21.Bobby Nash

2004 Show-Me 100
Finish: 1)Scott Bloomquist 2)Billy Moyer 3)Dan Schlieper 4)Wendell Wallace 5)Shannon Babb 6)Rick
Eckert 7)Steve Francis 8)Skip Arp 9)Don O’Neal 10)Terry Phillips
Photos and captions by
Tony Hammett
Billy Moyer (21), Jeff Taylor (5) and Wendell Wallace (88) take it
three-wide in the early running of the 12th annual Show-Me 100 at
West Plains, MO.
Runner-up Billy Moyer (21) had to deal with strong contender Jeff
Taylor (5) who timed in third and won a heat before having a flat tire
saddling him with a 12th place finish.
Typical Show-Me 100 action pits Darrell Lanigan (29) versus Skip Arp
(31) and Bill Frye (25th) in a three-way tussle.
Dan Schlieper (9) was able to withstand the onslaught of past event
winner Wendell Wallace (88) to take third in this year's Show-Me 100.
Shannon Babb (18) moves ahead of Steve Francis (15) to grab the final
top-five spot in the Show-Me 100 as Francis found his way home 7th.
This kind of action keeps the fans coming back to West Plains year
after year as here Peyton Taylor (6t), Don O'Neal (71), Ray Cook (53)
and Skip Arp (31) provide the turn-four entertainment.
Scott Bloomquist (0) did manage to lead the 12th Show-Me 100
flag-to-flag, but not without withstanding the constant challenges of
Billy Moyer (21).  With the triumph, Bloomquist joins Moyer as the
only three-time champions of the premier event.
Rick Eckert (24) pulls alongside fellow Rocket Chassis campaigner
Steve Francis (15) to eventually take the sixth spot away in the 2004
version of the nation's first mega DLM show, the Show-Me 100.
Scott Bloomquist streaks his way toward the checkers in the 2004
version of the Show-Me 100 to take home his third career triumph in
the event and pocket a whopping $38,000!
Scott Bloomquist, family, crew and friends share in the celebration atop
the victory stand at West Plains Motor Speedway following his third
career win in the famed Show-Me 100.
Scott Bloomquist beat the rain and 86 other competitors to take his
third career Show-Me 100 triumph tying him atop the list of career
wins in the event with Billy Moyer at three each.