One Week at a Time in the Dirt
A Racers View
By: Kevin "Ohio Outlaw" Lentz
Week 3 April 14, 2005
The season was finally able to get started on April 8th as the rains stayed away and the temperature crept
up to a manageable level.  It was an easy week for me and my crew as we felt like everything was ready
from the prior week.  All we had to do was load and leave.  That may be the only thing that rain - outs are
good for.  It makes for an easy week of preparations for the next week.  An easy prep week doesn't always
mean a good race week as we found out at Skyline.

Everything seemed to be going pretty smooth as we loaded the car and packed the tools in the truck.  We
pulled into Skyline around six and as I went to register, my crew began to unload the L & W Motorsports
#00 Rayburn.  That was the beginning of a long night.  During hot laps we encountered a transmission issue.
That turned out to be a linkage problem and was quickly fixed.  Thinking everything was once again ok, I
lined up to qualify.  The problems returned at this point.  The car stalled, probably my fault, and
when I tried to re-fire the car it would not turn over  The track official called for a push truck and I was off
and running.  The car was way loose and I qualified way back.

We played around a while with the starter and were able to get the car fired and ready for the heat race.  
We started in the back and for the first few laps the car seemed to get better, but I hit a big hole in the
track and the car stopped.  I pulled to the infield as the car would not fire.  Once in the pits, it was
determined that for the second time this year we killed a starter and flywheel.  At that point I was so
frustrated and angry that I loaded the car on the trailer and said I was done.  After I thought about it
for a few minutes I laughed and was already looking ahead to the next weekend.  The track at Skyline was
in pretty good shape early in the night, but got pretty choppy as the night went on.  I still like Skyline and
Lou and Roxanne do a good job running a quick smooth show.

After a rough night like that we were up early unloading the car into the shop and planning another long
week.  I had already made plans with my wife and some friends to attend a Cavs game at the Gund arena
on Saturday night, so we were not in a rush to get the car ready for the night.  Saturday night was a lot of
fun hanging out with friends that I am too busy to see very often.  James tossed in another triple double and
the Cavs blew the Bucks out of the arena.  That was a nice relaxing night before hell week returned
on Monday.  As it is now, Tuesday night, I can say that the only problems we have to fix is putting a new
starter on and getting everything tightened down.  It isn't the big things that get us, it is the little stuff that
nickels and dimes a team to death.  The other day I put a quarter in my pocket and when I pulled it out it
changed into a penny.  It just seems that nothing ever goes right.  I am not as frustrated as I was on Friday,
but we will be looking to change our fortune this weekend.  We will be at Rocky Top Raceway on Friday
and Midway Speedway on Saturday night.

I would like to welcome Kyle Jones aboard as a member of our media relations staff.  Kyle will be assisting
in press releases for the 2005 season.  Kyle will have a new article in Q & A form on
coming soon.  I would once again like to thank Jody Shannon and Todd Lefevers for this opportunity.  I
have to thank my sponsors:  Rhodes Race Wire, A-C Cleaning and Restoration, Midwest Right of Way,
Bunker Hill Welding And Fabrication,, and Fire Freeze Worldwide.  Lastly and definitely not
least the fans for their continued support of all the tracks and drivers. If anyone would like to join L & W
Motorsports as a sponsor please e-mail me

Kevin "Ohio Outlaw" Lentz
L & W Motorsports