Tim Proffitt
Tim Proffitt is a second generation driver from Milford, Ohio. Tim races at
Florence Speedway in the Super Dirt Stock division. Tim recaps his 2004
season and looks forward to 2005 with Jody Shannon.
Jody Shannon: Well Tim, first year in a Super Dirt Stock and you came home
with a top 15 points finish. How would you rate 2004 as a whole?

Tim Proffitt: Well, I wasn't really concerned much with the points in 2004. We
started really late so there wasn't much point in worrying about it, but we are
happy to finish where we did. As far as the season goes, we learned a lot
about the car. We struggled at first but got it handling a little better
after a few races and we were able to win a heat. We would have liked to win
a feature or two, of course, but we ran in the top five of every race we
finished. I just wish we could have finished all of them.

JS: What memory would you say sticks out for you the most from this past

TP: I think it was the night Doug Wagner won the feature. I started 5th or
6th and was racing Smallwood and Lanter. Roberston started next to me and
moved up quick but I wasn't able to follow that soon. Smallwood and I
swapped positions a few times during the race until my car just hooked up. I
wish I knew how but, honestly I don't, it just did. There were about three
laps left. I got by Smallwood and Lanter in turn two and chased Patrick to
the checker, beating him by a nose to take third. Those last few laps were
the most fun of the season.

JS: Even though it is a long way off, who are you looking at as contenders
for the 2005 season at Florence Speedway?

TP: Smallwood and Robertson will be tough, of course. But, I think a lot of
the other guys will come on strong in '05. It will be even tougher to win
I'm sure. Guys like
Dehner, Patrick, Wagner, I could go on. There is great
competition at Florence. I mean, how many times did someone that wasn't a
regular break the top five in our class? I'm not positive, but I don't think
it happened more than once.

JS: Are your plans going to remain the same as 2004 and follow the whole
Florence Schedule, or can we expect to see something different out of you
and your team in 2005?

TP: I think we'll have a new sponsor but we haven't sealed the deal. We plan
to run at Florence every chance we get. We would like to try some other
tracks when Florence isn't running. With Lawrenceburg running our class in
'05 and a few other tracks that have been running them there will be plenty
of tracks to run. But, with just my dad and me working on the car, it is
tough to keep up on the car and family life too. I envy these drivers that
have friends and family involved in their program.

JS: This time next year, what would you have liked to achieve over the
course of the 2005 season?

TP: Wins. And not tearing the car up, of course. I just want the season to
be fun. I want to learn more. I want to experience different tracks when we
can. I would like to drive a late model or a mod for someone else. I would
like to pick up some crew members. There are too many things to think of
that would make '05 great.