The Graybeard Report by Doc Lehman
By Doc Lehman

When I first stop and actually think about and contemplate the Mid Atlantic Championship Series (MACS)
the first thought that comes to mind is consistency. And professionalism. And integrity. With the now
recent turmoil in dirt Late Model racing a fading memory MACS still remains and is now an elder entity in
sanctioning bodies throughout AARN-land.

Despite the fact that a minority has viewed MACS as a redheaded stepchild, something that always
perplexed me, the series has been firmly established for some time now as legitimate contenders at making
promoters money, making drivers stars and making fans happy with some top-quality racing.

With 2007 looming ahead, we thought we’d ask Jeff Geesey for a retrospective of the season that just
ended. Geesey, of the Bros. Geesey (Andy & Matt are partners with Jeff in MACS that formed in 1997),
serves as the Race Coordinator and Public Relations Director for MACS and was more than happy to
offer his take on 2006.

“I feel it was one of our best seasons to-date,” Geesey flatly stated. “We had a very solid field of
competitors and averaging 49 cars per show. I was thrilled with that given the gas prices that plagued the
early season as well as the less than robust economy.  What was equally gratifying, was not only were the
numbers good but so was the quality.  Our lowest car count was 35 with our highest being at Challenger for
Fall Fest with 78.”

“Our average start, to-win position was almost sixth.  Jeremy Miller won the 59th Anniversary show at
Hagerstown in May from 17th, which was the furthest back and we didn't have a win from the front row
until the Big Kahuna, at The Rock, the final night of the season when former modified ace, no rising Late
Model star, Rick Elliott smoked the field from the pole.”

As usually the annual MACS winners list is chock full of star drivers. “Yes, our winner's list is pretty
impressive as well,” offered Geesey. “Jeremy Miller tied a Series record with Chub Frank ('97) and
Jackie Boggs ('04) with six A Main wins for the season.”

“Defending Series Champion Mike Balzano claiming one win as well as 2006 Series Champion Jason
Covert, Robbie Blair, Scott Bloomquist, Billy Drake, Scott Haus, Chad Hina, and Gary Stuhler.  Taking
qualifying events wins at Hagerstown and Bill Sawyer's Virginia Motor Speedway was Bo Feathers, Rick
Elliott, Andy Anderson and Miller.”

“That is some pretty competitive nights of racing when you have that many different winners.  Again, I
think a testament to who we are.  Anyone can show up and race with us and have a fair chance at sitting in
victory lane when the evening is over.”

There have been rumblings about Jason Covert of York Haven, PA trickling across the landscape
westward for some time now, about how this young man has what it takes and was showing it more and
more leading up to his foray on the road with MACS and snagging the championship title. By the time post-
season hype is over dirt Late Model followers across the country will know who ’06 MACS champ Jason
Covert is. He damn well earned it.

“What a tremendous individual Jason is,” observed Geesey. “He is so humble and is very quick to credit
his success with the series, to his car owner Barry Klinedinst as well as his top flight crew that work
relentlessly on his Monte Carlo Rocket that is powered by a 410 Hershey Chevrolet.”

Covert’s sponsorship support on his Rocket Chassis/Hershey Racing Engines #43A comes from Red Wing
Shoes, Pre-Mach Inc., Hershey Racing Engines; Rocket; Autolite; Mazak; Kuppy's Diner; Bam's Auto
Center; and Rick Kaylor, Jr. Computer Consulting.

“Jason has risen through the racing ranks steadily since the late 1980's,” explained Geesey. “He raced in
a 4-cylinder class, then 4-cylinder Late Models, followed by 358 Late Models where he was a track
champion at Al Krietzer's Silver Spring Speedway in 2000-2001.  He was the 1987 Rookie of the Year at
Path Valley and accomplished that same feat in 1998 at Silver Spring as well as 2003 at Hagerstown.”

Covert’s impressive point championship win came over defending MACS champion Mike Balzano, Jim
Bernheisel, Jeremy Miller, Jack Pencil, Devin Friese, Nick Dickson, Rod Conley, Denny Chamberlain,
Steve Shaver, Gary Stuhler and Robbie Blair.

Seventh place point finisher Nick Dickson of Lewistown, PA scored the ’06 ® WRISCO Aluminum MACS
Rookie of the Year title. A second-generation driver, Dixon is the son of former Port Royal champion and
Bedford Speedway promoter Ken Dixon.

“Nick Dickson winning the WRISCO Aluminum MACS ROY crown was a formidable task which he and
his crew handled very well,” commented an impressed Geesey. “Nick comes from a long lineage of racers
including his dad Ken, who raced many seasons at Port Royal and Bedford Speedway's.  Ken hung up his
helmet four years a ago to help J.R. Keifer and Jim Maybury promote Bedford Speedway for several
season before throwing his efforts behind his son Nick's budding career.”

“Nick is no stranger to Rookie of the Year titles as he claimed two in his inaugural year behind the wheel
of a Late Model.  His first two Rookie titles came in 2003 at Bedford and Port Royal Speedways.  Nick
races his father’s Rocket GTO with power provided by a 406 Hershey Chevrolet.  His supporters include
Dickson Auto Repair; Gravy Train Express; Holderman Trucking; Jake's Carts; and Marvin E. Smith
Coal Sales.”

The word consistency was mentioned above and when it comes to the MACS staff that’s what you get, plus
decades upon decades of experience.

“I am proud of our staff, it is a team effort!” proclaimed Geesey enthusiastically. “The fifteen individuals
that work with us on race night are very personable and do a very good job.”

With the Bros. Geesey, Jeff, the eldest, has been actively involved in the sport for more than 35 years. He
serves as the Public Relations and Race Coordinator for the Series. Andy, Series President, is the front
straightaway, lineup steward. Matt is Secretary/Treasurer and serves as chief lineup/pit steward.

Other staff members include Bill Protzman (Technical Inspector), Ray Wells (Assistant Technical
Inspector), Mark Hawk (Pit Line-up Steward), my pal Regina Geesey (Scorer), Kim Geesey  & Beth
Hawk (Apparel Trailer Salespersons), Curtis Stivenson (Pit Line-up Steward), Tyler Altmeyer, (Database
Coordinator) and my pals and fellow grandparents Jim and Sue Stevenson (Series' photographers).

“We have relatively the same core of people that we started with and that consistency is important,
especially at the tech level with Bill Protzman, he's exceptional,” said Geesey. “We're saddened to be
losing Ray Wells this year after nine years with the Series.  He is retiring to take care of his mother and
grandmother who both have health concerns.  Ray has missed very few events in the last nine years and
has done a job and a half for us.”

Up next for the MACS is the annual MACS Awards Banquet where they dole out the moolah, awards and

“The banquet is Saturday January 6 at the Rustic Lodge in Indiana, PA,” revealed Geesey. MACS
Awards Banquets always get rave reviews. “The doors open at 5:30 PM for a social gathering before
dinner is served at 6:00 PM.  Tickets will go on sale after December 1 and the banquet is open to the
general public.”

“Many people perceive our banquet is a closed event, but to the contrary it is not.  Anyone is welcome to
attend and celebrate with us the crowing of the Champion as well as honor the top ten drivers.  We will also
have several other special prizes and awards this year including awarding a brand new computer to one
lucky Junior Racer Club member through the Checkin' Out Reading program.  The deadline for
submissions for this year is December 1.”

After the banquet it’s all focus on the 2007 season, something the series has already been addressing for
some time now. “We have been busy at scheduling since this past August making preliminary contacts,”
confirmed Geesey. “I usually am working at least six months to nearly a year a head on most things for the
series.  It just takes so much time today to get things accomplished that if you don't start that soon you will
be playing catch-up.”

“Our current tracks have right of first refusal on their dates from this year until November 1.  After that, if
they haven't decided then the date is open to anyone else who maybe interested.”

“Scheduling is really starting to heat up at this point with interest in the Series being high.   We are
returning to Bill Sawyers Virginia Motor Speedway for Ernie Shelton's, USA 100.  We will be back at the
Coleman families Portsmouth Raceway Park for several events.  Bedford Speedway has locked in their
July date and is searching for a second.  Cumberland will be looking at 4-5 shows for this year including the
Big Kahuna.”

“BDS Promotions has indicated the Series will return to Tyler County as well as the possibility of a show at
West Virginia Motor Speedway.  Challenger Raceway will once again be hosting Fall Fest.  Hesston and
Sharon have indicated their desire to return with at least one race date.”

“Several new facilities will be dotting the schedule including the Norris' Hilltop Speedway, Dan Russell's
Central Pennsylvania Speedway, Eriez Speedway, as well as Skyline, with several other tracks
contemplating dates.  It looks to be a busy 2007 for the Series.”

Geesey was asked if he could reveal any 2007 news. “We have one important change to announce,” said
Geesey. “AlturnaMats® owner Michael Gierlach and executive Greg Wheeling have confirmed with the
series that their level of their involvement will be increasing next year.”

“AlturnaMats®, one of the world’s largest smooth and textured rubber Mat suppliers is going to assume
title sponsorship role of the time trials segment of each event.  The time trials will be renamed the
AlturnaMats® Shock The Clock Time Trials and will be still be presented by Sue Stevenson Photography.
Additionally, AlturnaMats® will be providing a $200 product gift certificate for the first 30 shows on the
schedule to the fast qualifier.”

"I have known Greg for more years than I care to recount, but Greg has always been an ardent support of
racing, and we are pleased to develop a motorsports marketing program with them.”

Look for more MACS news in the coming weeks and months throughout the pages of AARN.


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