Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
                Racin Round Indiana.....7/04/06

Well it's the Fourth of July, I hope you all had a great time. Nothing like a great summer holiday with
dirt in the air at your local tracks.

Friday Night I was at Bloomington Speedway as usual and Bloomington Power Sports is the one's who
host the Fireworks event at the track and I do believe they really out did themselves this year!! It is just
strange to me how the locals flock to shell out their 10.00 to watch the fireworks and leave and not
notice what they are missing on a weekly basis. Oh well off of my high horse and on to the racing.

Josh Cunningham the youngster from Spencer, IN show the veterans like Kevin Briscoe and John
Stanbourgh how to get it wheeled into victory lane Friday night in the sprint division. I really think the
show of the night came in the Mod division Jeff Bland Jr. looked like he was going to waltz into
victory lane and here comes Ray Humphrey outta turn 4 and beats him to the line I know the section I
was sitting in was on the edge of there seats those last laps as Ray would wheel it on the high side get
the advantage but Jeff Bland Jr. would maintain the lead until the last lap, last turn. In Super Stock
action, Jeremy Hines of Seymour continued his domination of the class again this past Friday night.
He won his heat race, and during the draw for starting postions for the feature he drew the number 1
pill putting him on the pole for the feature. He then proceeded to lead from green to checkered in one
of the longest features I have seen in a while. The times on a restart there was a pile up in turn 4
coming for the green.

Saturday night was a hot one at the Brownstown Speedway, It was Pepsi Family Fun Night along with
what was left of the racing from June 17th which was Mastersbilt Night. Give aways galore for the kids
and a Surprise when we all got there, for the first time in quite awhile Brownstown Speedway presented
a fireworks show.

The night started off with an announcement there would be no qualiying for the late models due to the
finish of 2 consi's and 3 features from June 17th, the crowd really gave a huge round of applause for
the no qualifying.

Steven Godsey and John Gill would become double feature winners for the evening, Jeremy Hines won
the first Super Stock feature and was in position to make it 2 also but Clifton Barron would think
different and take home the checkers in the Second Super Stock feature followed in second by Jeremy
Hines. It was also stated the Clifton was the first winner in a coil springs car in that division.

Remember Saturday July 8th is the first ever topless night at Brownstown Speedway. Late Models and
mods must remove tops to participate in this event. Lates will pay 2000.00 to win, Mods 1200.00 and
bombers 500.00 to win. General Admission will be 15.00 at the gate with an additional 10.00 for pit

Thunder Valley in beautiful downtown Salem Indiana was victim to the heavy rains which came on
Thursday evening and cancelled for Friday night.

Paragon Speedway was in action Saturday Night with 52 sprints in attendance. Jake Scott and Kerry
Kinser were the winners in the 2 features. Mike Vest won in the Super Stocks and Bobby Gardner of
Bloomington won in the Bomber division. Saturday July 8th will be HARF night, with a HARF card
you will receive half price admission for the Mid-season Championships.

Going to Putnam county and Lincoln Park Speedway, Bobby Stines was the winner in the Sprints with
Richie Lex winning in the mods after having some tuff luck Friday at Bloomington, Curt Leonard won
in mods and Ritchie Hawkins in bombers.

Saturday July 1st seen the return of racing at the Terre Haute Action track with the KISS Series for
Sprints rolling into town. John Stanbourgh who has some really great racing this season was the
winner, I know the mods were the support class but there are no results to be found for them, isnt it
sad to be the Red-Headed Step Child at a racing event.

Oh Well at least Lawrenceburg Speedway had its results up for there support Classes and Jeff Harris
was the mod winner there and Brandon Petty was the victor in Sprint racing action. David Smith won
in Super Stocks and Hud Horton showed his stuff in the mini sprints.

Oh well another year has come and gone and now my youngest is 18, talk about feeling old. But then I
go to the track and I dont feel so old, I feel so young and excited just like I did all those years ago.
The reason I point that out is that the feeling I get going to the races is how I remember it when I was
10, 20, 30 , and yes 40 years old.

So I guess the secret to keeping the youthful glow is to keep doing the thing that made you the
happiest at all those year markers in my life and that is Dirt Racing.

I have seen alot of changes over the years and seen alot of drivers come and go. Some of those drivers
of my youth have passed away and now are found memories of men I had the pleasure of knowing
personaly or just knowing by the presence on the track. I am someone who believes that kids nights
and family nights are very important to every track. These children we try so hard to entertain, give
door prizes to or have special bike races or foot races are the future of our sport.

So every chance you get bring out the child in yourself and bring a child to the track and share the
child that still lives in you with the future of the sport we as fans have come to love.

Until Next Week
Felicia Nunn