Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
                  Racin Round Indiana.....6/18/06

Well racefans, another weekend of a little racin and alot of rain in Southern Indiana. I stated on the
Brownstown Message board that someone needs to give Mother Nature a bottle of Midol cause she
sure has had PMS the last couple of weekends when it has come to racin action around here.

Friday night found me and my group at our usual spot at Bloomington Speedway. Dickie Gaines was
back in action after a medical leave from his flip at Eldora. Dickie looked like he just stepped out of
the car last Sunday night and was running great but went off of turn 2 the first lap of the feature had
to start at the rear and ended up in the 9th position at the checkers. Kent Christian the points leader
pulled off a poplular victory in the sprint feature. Jeff Bland Jr. won the mod feature. Ryan Thomas
was in second and gave us a show a couple of times poking his nose in there making for an exciting
last 3 or 4 laps. Winston Howe won the super stock feature. Jeremy Hines lead the way until lap 14 I
believe and him and second place car Chris Hillman both went out at the same time. Howe would
inherit the lead and never be challenged. Next week Bloomington will be having a regular show.
Thunder Valley speedway was back in action last Friday Night, but as of this writing I have not
received any word of the winners.

Saturday Night would have seen some awesome feature racing at Brownstown Speedway I believe, but
Mother Nature during her bout with PMS shut that down during the Consi's. John Gill was there in
the Mastersbilt House car. Mastersbilt was Saturday Nights Sponser, Jonathan Masters and the Crew
were there with the Trailer and in breaks were asking Mastersbilt Trivia for prizes. Heat winners were
John Gill, Tim Prince and Brad Barrow. The racing and competition I saw in the heats would have
lined them up for a really exciting feature in my opinion. The Super Stocks were in the house this past
weekend and looked like they were ready for some hard racing action. Heat winners were Jeremy
Hines, Chris Deweese (in 99A),Alan Magner and Tim Clark. The Bombers were as strong and exciting
just like every week. Heat Winners were Edgar Godsey, Steven Godsey and Brandon Norman. Then
the rains came and we had to cancel the rest of the show. July 1st will be the date the rest of the show
will finish up before that nights racing gets under way. I hope all these cars can show up and give me
the features that I think will be awesome. Next week The Battle Of The Bluegrass Series invades the
track for The Lee Fleetwood Memorial. Please be watching for Press Releases from the Series on
payoff and cost.

Twin Cities I am told got in the show with Jeff Bland Jr. claiming another victory to go with Friday
Nights Bloomington Speedway win. Paragon Speedway once agained got the Dave Peden Memorial
rained on. Lincoln Parkspeedway meet the same fate. I know Lincoln Park is going to finish their
program the next race time. I really dont know the fate of The Dave Peden Memorial at this time.
Twin Cities will play host next week to the Mark Clark Memorial for Super Stocks, so you Super
Stock fans there ya go!! I understand Twin Cities has a new owner and no information has came my
way on what to expect for the future, I will get an email out to my contact there and keep everyone
updated. Paragon Update, The Dave Peden Memorial Features will be ran on July 15th prior to the
regular program.

Union County is back in action finally with Wayne Chinn taking home the Late Model Feature. I am
working on a good contact for this track to include them in this column. I use relible contacts at each
track as I cant be at all the tracks. So a big Thank You to my sources!!

Rain claimed the Summer Nationals at Tri-state in Haubstadt Sunday night. Twin Cities hosted the
nationals on Thursday with Dennis Erb Jr. the winner. I still believe that Shannon Babb will be the
Final UMP SummerNationals points Winner. I watched him a couple of times this Year and the last
was at the tri-track challenge at Vermillion County and he was very impressive.

Now for my soapbox section of this column. I know we all love to venture out and see the big races,
but It is very important that we support our local tracks and local racers. Sometimes I know we get
frustrated and even mad about somethings at our local speedways but local speedways are where are
next generation of the Big Dogs as people like to call them are earning their dues and honeing their
skills to get to the next level, if there really is such a thing. I go to some of the bigger shows myself but
I do support my local tracks every week. I may not always agree with some things but I do try to hit
Bloomington Speedway on Fridays to support the mods and Super Stocks. Brownstown Speedway as
you know is what I call my Home track even though it is 48 miles from my house. Some people may
not think I am qualifed to write because I dont travel around the tri-state area or even the mid west
every weekend to watch the 5000.00 or more to win shows. I as a person prefer to go where I do and
support the people who work 40 hours a week and sweat in the garages until mid night or later trying
to fix last weeks damage to the car and get up at 6am and put in another 8 hours of work. thats what is
great about dirt racing, there is something for everyone. People like me who support the weekly tracks
and the people who love to travel and take in Major events every weekend. All of us fans do have a
common link, each driver we go to watch started out somewhere as a local Driver.

Until next week, support the message boards, state your opinions. Support your local Tracks and have
a good work week and count the hours until Friday when it starts all over again.

Felicia Nunn