Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
             Racin Round Indiana.....5/30/06

Well first off I need to apologize for not writing an article last week. I had a commitment to write a
speech and that took all my time, so once again I am sorry.

Saturday night was the Brownstown Speedway's Hall of fame Classic. This years Inductees were Ray
Godsey, Roger Williams (former promoter) CJ Masters and CJ Rayburn. They joined Kenny
Simpson, Jack Owens, Charlie Mounce, Lee Fleetwood, Lou Ahlbrand, Jim Curry, Russ Petro, Ira
Bastin, Paul Crockett and Gene Dalton. So I want to say Thank You to this years inductees for the
excitement in racing you have given me as a fan and the improvements in the racing world you have
given us.

Mike Jewell was the repeat winner of this event. Steve Barnett was making a hard charge towards Mike
and kept at him all night. A late race caution for a spin I believe was responsible for making it a finish
where everyone would have been standing and screaming. Barnett was up his rear and getting stronger
until the caution. Matt Boknect returned to victory lane in mod action. Hard charger Earl Plessinger
was fast approaching and if the feature had a couple of more laps the outcome could very of well went
the other way. Bub Cummings won in the Bomber Division.

Bloomington Speedway on Friday night saw Kevin Briscoe in victory lane. Kevin Started third and
took the lead very quickly and was never challenged for it again. Jeremy Hines made it two in a row in
the Super Stock Division. Gerald Todd the 1972 Late Model Rookie of the year at Brownstown
finished second. Nice to see one of the Older drivers show them they still got something up their

Ray Humphrey won his second feature of the year at Bloomington, starting from the 6th position.
Friday June 2nd is the NST sprint car series, 10,000.00 to win for winged sprints and 2000.00 for
non-wing sprints. Since there will be no Mods or Super Stocks I wont be on hand that night. Sorry
race fans, not a sprint car kinda girl here.

Thunder Valley Speedway in Salem Indiana was a Victim of the weather this week. Twin Cities in
North Vernon was host to Super Stock action Saturday night with Jerry Adams claiming the Victory.
Dan Salle won in the Pure Stocks. North Vernon will host the Mods next Saturday Night.

Paragon Speedway had 47 Sprint cars on hand Saturday night, They ran 2 features for them and the
winners were Gregg Cory and Josh Cunningham. The Super Stocks were on hand with 24 entries and
Steve Sheeks a local Paragon racer was the winner. The Bomber division had 31 entries with the winner
being Jordan William. June 3rd will be HARF night and all HARF members will receive half price

Lincoln Park Speedway was host to racing action this past weekend with Kent Christian winning in the
sprint car division, Paul Baumgardner in the Mods, Aaron Zellers in the Super Stock Division and
rounding out the action was Travis Heramb in the Bomber Class.

Saturday night I was sitting in my seat and some people came and sat down two rows in front of me, I
heard the lady telling someone sitting next to them that this was a couple of them's first time to a race.
The one guy made the whole night for me, he was really into it giving out the big WHOOOOOOOO
and cheering and was loving what he seen. Maybe the best part was when the front stretch worker
pointed at a car and then tapped his butt to go to the rear. The guy said hey is he telling him to wash
his a$$.

The point to this story is, I love seeing fans really get into a race. I go to the track and see people just
sitting with no cheering no emotion whatsoever. I as a fan love to show my appreciation or
disapproval for what I see on the track. So race fans just dont sit there, stand, yell, cheer, clap, let the
drivers and promoters know you are there to be entertained!! This is not the movies where you are
expected to sit all quit, so give out a big HELL YEAH and let them know we are race fans, not just any

Until next time, back to being a crazy whacked out wife and mother.
Felicia Nunn