Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
                 Racin Round Indiana.....4/17/06

Well racefans, I got a Friday and Saturday night fix this week of racin Action. First I started off at
Bloomington Speedway for the Season Opener and for the third Straight Year Dickie Gaines in his
DRC Chassis won the Opener. I have to admit I really am not big on the sprint cars, but the pill draw
did mix the heats up and make them a little more exciting to me. Matt Boknect checked out and said
Goodnight Irene. After a few laps of Battling with Shelby Miles he got under him and it was the race.

Chris Hillman won the Super Stocks, but Jeremy Hines gave him a run for his money. Chris would
pull away on the straights but Jeremy would get his nose up to his drivers door in the turns, which in
my opinion made him drive his heart out to pull of this win. Next Week they have the Elliott Brand
Clash paying a possilbe at least 4,000.00 to win, they have lap money prizes to increase the purse.
Super Stocks and Mods will be receiving 600.00 to win if they have the Sponsors Decals on their cars.

Saturday night, I ventured to what I consider my home track Brownstown, Yes I do live in
Bloomington but I am a Late Model diehard.I tell you what the racing action was off the hook
Saturday Night. The Late Model feature had a rough start with a huge wreck, cant fill you in there. It
seemed every time I got up to go to the powder room there was a huge wreck and I didnt see it so cant
fill you in there. After the clean up and the restart I was on my feet. Steven Godsey, Rohn Mohn,
Justin Blackwell and Marty Oneal put on a show it was second to none. In my opinion they way they
were packed together it was a scorers nightmare!! This week on for six laps then the caution came out.
Eventually lap cars came into play and the four went down to two. Blackwell was leading and Oneal
was not giving up on the win. Blackwell came out on top at the checkers. Maybe there is such a thing
as the Sophmore curse. Bub Cummings continued his domination of the Bomber division. Last week I
mentioned Andrew Godsey and guess what, that was a mistake it is Edgar Godsey, grandson of Ray.
By the way guess who showed up in the 007 bomber, none other than Mr. Bomber himself, Steven
Godsey. So you had Cummings and Godsey and Godsey battling, throw in Jacoby Hines and it turned
into a great feature for that division. Speaking of close, the second place finisher in the third bomber
heat had to be determined by DVR replay and was declared second place by a couple of Inches. Mod
action was great in the feature, it came down to the same sceniro as last week, a last turn to the
checkered flag cost the leader the win. Adam Sasser bobbled and got loose drifted up a little and Jeff
Bland, Jr. got under him and rubbed some rubber and took it home to the Checkered Flag.

Saturday Night The Battle of The Bluegrass series heads to town with support classes of Super Stocks
and Bombers.

Now on to some news hot off the press, Thunder Valley Speedway in Salem Indiana has been added as
the Tuesday night opener in the NALMS Indiana Late Model Speed Weeks!! Yes, Fans count them five
nights of Late Model Action in Southern Indiana. The only track I can even compare this to in size is
Macon in Illinois. The support class for the night has yet to be announced and I hope to have a
statement from Promoter Mason Fleetwood in next weeks Column.

Paragon and Thunder Valley both had practice sessions this past weekend so not much to pass along
on that scene.

Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville had a 1,000.00 to win for Super Stocks on Saturday and Chris
Hillman pulled off a double header with a win Friday at Bloomington and backed it up with a big
payday of a grand on Saturday. John Demoss won the mods there as well.

Twin Cities in North Vernon opened up this weekend with Jerry Adams in Super Stocks. Twin Cities
runs the crusier class and had about 4 cars competing on a regular basis this year on opening night
they were up to ten. I did notice a couple of the regular Super Stock drivers in this area, Troy Clark
and Chris Deweese have jumped into the Crusier Class over there. Isnt it funny how drivers just jump
in and drive in the other classes to fill up their racing night.

John Stanborough backed up his second place finish at Bloomington Friday night with a win at the
Burg Saturday night. Jeff Harris won the mod feature on Saturday night as well.

I would like to say I try to make it to as many tracks over the weekend as I can but I do rely on
peoples accounts of the racing action at other tracks but I do surf the net for results. So Please
frequent the above mentioned tracks websites


Some of these sites have message boards, so try to leave messages and let them know what you think.
The Internet has become a promoters dream or worse nightmare. Race Results are sometimes done the
same night or as they are happening, no more waiting till the next phone call or the next issue of your
favorite racing magazine comes out. The Internet has hampered all written media in the coverage of
the news, I dont subscripe to the newspaper any more as the morning news is outdated by the time I
read it. So some newspapers now have on-line subscriptions to read your news, will this be the feature
of Auto Racing News??? Hmmmm, sounds like something to ponder.

Until Next week and my next article I am off to be Tony's wife and major pain in his side.
Felicia "Ma" Nunn