Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
            Racin Round Indiana.....9/17/06

Welcome to another installment of Racin Round Indiana. I would like to say Thank You to the people
that have emailed me, private messaged me and told me in person how much they appreciate me
writing this column. I just want to say it is the people like you that make me want to keep doing it. I
am an avivd racing fan like you, but I have stumbled into the resources and the Kindness of J. Todd
Lefever giving me the opportunity to write this column for his website.

As every Friday night I found myself in the same seat at Bloomington Speedway waiting to see a good
nights action of racing and I was not let down. Dickie Gaines and Cole Witt put on a great show in the
sprint car feature. Dickie Gaines worked his way up from an 8th starting spot to win the feature but
Cole Witt had something to say about it and didnt give it up to Dickie very easily. 37 Sprints were on
hand for the final Sprint points race of the season. The Wolfe Pack Challenge was in the house for
their make-up race, 40 mods invaded Bloomington Speedway for the purse Friday Night. Ray
Humphrey was the feature winner, with Ryan Thomas in the second spot. Kent Robinson and John
Demoss were the pull out from the start but that all changed around lap 14 when Ray had them all
dialed into his sights. I have to give Kent Robinson the hard luck award as he pulled into the infield
with smoke pouring out of the car. If you read my column on a regular basis in my very first one I
said Kent would be someone to watch this season and I was correct. Super Stocks had a larger than
normal car count with 27 on hand. Kevin Arthur of Bloomington pulled in his second feature victory
of the season with Marty Cooper getting by Joe Lucas for second. It was nice seeing the Super Stock
count up, maybe some guys were coming in to try out the track for next weeks season finale of the
Modified/Super Stock Nationals. Each feature will pay 1250.00 to win if you have the proper decals
and 100.00 to start. The Mod points have tighted up last weekend according to my calculations so the
Mod Track Champion could go down to the wire. Friday Night will be alot of you fans last chance to
purchase banquet tickets. so be sure to pick them up.

Well as you know Saturday night always finds me at Brownstown Speedway and this week we had
repeat winner in each division with Steve Barnett, Steven Godsey and Tim Clark all returning to
victory lane in their respective classes. As with Bloomington the Super Stock count was slightly higher
with around 40 on hand, but the weekly average for super stocks is 36. Justin Blackwell started off
very strong in the feature and looked like he might pull in his second win of the season but it seems
like when Barnett gets those tires heated up, there is no stopping him. The points for late models will
wind up next week and by the way they finished last night it could be a dog fight between Tim Prince
and Steven Godsey for that division Championship. My hard luck award goes to Brad Barrow who
was in third place in points, 4 behind Steven going into last night. Brad pulled into the infield with
what I think was a busted rearend I believe. Tim Clark put in another strong feature performance last
night, he has been the man to beat in that class this year and by the way the points are he has a lock
on that Championship. Steven Godsey stopped Bub Cummings winning streak last night by claiming
the Bomber feature and right behind him was Edgar Godsey for second. Congrats to Edgar and his
new bride, they were married Friday night. The Bomber Special is now September 30th, The Super
Stock Special is October 7th and the Midwest Modifed Nationals paying 5000.00 to win is October
14th. Check out www.brownstownspeedway.com for further details on these events as I passed out all
the fliers and dont have the info in front of me.

Paragon Speedway had a off week this past Saturday night and will return to action on September
23rd with 1000.00 Sprint fall classic plus Super Stocks and Bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway in Putamville ran Satruday night with Bloomingtons second place finisher
Cole Witt claiming the Sprint car Feature win. Jeff Bland Jr. won in the mods. On another note Jeff
Bland Jr. made his sprint car debut Friday night at Bloomington was looking pretty good too until
luck would have it and he would take a wild ride to end the night. Doug McCullogh won in Super
Stock action and Ricthie Hawkins would claim the bomber feature win.

Salem Speedway ran the Eddie Gilstrap Motors ARCA fall Classic Saturday night and I have not been
able to find any results on this.

At Lawrenceburg Speedway, Dickie Gaines claimed his second feature win of the weekend in the sprint
cars. Jerry Back claimed two features in two different divisions in Mods and Super Stocks. Herb
Asbury won in the Bombers.

Last night at Brownstown, I had a blast from the past. Tiny Noble wheeled out on the track in the D-7
late model. Friday night another name from the past was in mod action at Bloomington with Regis
Skaggs. Sometimes it goes to show, you dont know who is going to show up behind the wheel on any
given race night.

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This mainly reflects photo's I have taken at Brownstown, but last night my husband got to touch my
new camera and took some from the infield at Bloomington.

Until Next Week, See ya at the track
Ma Nunn