Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
             Racin Round Indiana.....9/04/06

Well Hello out there, I bet you think I forgot all about writing my column..LOL. Well not really but
with things happening around the Nunn house its been kinda tough to sit down and let ya'all know
what is happening.

Lets Start off with Bloomington Speedway as I always do. August 18th was a rain out. August 25th
seen John Stanbrough capture the MidWest Sprint Series victory with Jeremy Hines taking his 5th
feature win at Bloomington followed by Matt Boknect in the Mods for win #4. Bloomington returns to
action on September 15th with a make up date for the Wolf Pack series for Mods and regular shows
for sprints and Super Stocks. Kevin Briscoe is leading the points for Sprints with Rookie Kent
Robinson taking the Mod honors and Jeremy Hines is the leader for the Super Stock Division.

September 22 will be closing night for Bloomington with a Mod/Super Stock Nationals paying 1250.00
to win in each class with lap money prizes for lap leaders. There is a 25.00 entry fee per car in this
event. I have not heard at this time if they will pill draw or qualify. Admission for the event is 12.00
General and 25.00 if you choose to go to the pits. Mark November 4th on your calender as it will be
Bloomington Speedways first banquet. The cost is 22.00 per person which includes dinner and awards
along with a disc jockey for entertainment. The banquet will be at the Bloomington Convention
Center which is a nice facility. Tickets are available at the track and will not be sold on the day of the
banquet so you need to get those to come and honor the race drivers and the Champions.

Brownstown Speedway has been busy the last month with the Jackson 100. Don Oneal was leading,
spun went to the tail and battled his way through the field and Won the event. I was watching from the
infield and thought Oh My Gosh there is no way and come lap 80 there was Greg Johnson leading and
Don was in 3rd or 4th I believe. Greg Johnson was running very well up front and I thought he would
win, but Oneal and Brady Smith were thinking different. It was a great time that weekend. Friday night
saw a completely different racing surface from Saturday and Saturdays race was prove of that passing,
passing, and more passing. The regular return to racing on August 26th saw Steve Barnett, Tim Clark
and Bub Cummings in victory lane. This past Saturday night saw a new face in victory lane as Tim
Prince performed to the nines and extremely well for his first victory at Brownstown Speedway. Jesse
Cramer rolled into victory lane in the Mods and Bub Cummings I believe scored feature #9 in the
Bombers. Bub has won 9 features and is second in the points behind Steve Godsey, but with the
victories Godsey has had and finishing second or third has kept himself on top of the leader board.
The points leaders after September 2 are Tim Prince in Late Models, Steven Godsey in Bombers, Tim
Clark in Super Stocks and Matt Boknect in Mods. The points are very close in the Late Models and
Mods at this point so it could still be a toss up in those divisions as to who the champ will be. The
banquet will be held on November 25th at Pewter Hall in Brownstown. The cost is 13.00 per person
which includes Dinner and awards and a live band. It will be the same band that played on Thursday
before the Jackson. There will be a cash bar for those who enjoy adult beverages. Tickets are now on
sale at the track on Saturdays. Just announced this weekend a 5000.00 to win mod show for October
14th. I dont have any more details than that but I am sure by the next writing things will be more

Paragon Speedway had Fan Appreciation night on August 19th with Dusty Wright and Scott
Townsend winning in the Sprint Features, Chris Hillman claimed another victory in the Super Stocks
that week. By the way just to let you know, Chris Hillman was driving a mod last night at Danville.
Just thought I would throw that tid-bit in. Bomber winner was Chris Singleton. The August 26th show
was rain shortened. Mike Gibbs won the sprint feature that was ran and the rest of the program was
rained out. September 9th will be Super Stock nationals night at Paragon paying 500.00 to win for
Super Stocks and 300.00 to win for Bombers. September 23rd will be Paragons last night of racing. I
dont have a banquet date for Paragon yet but will keep you all posted on that one.

Twin Cities in North Vernon, August 26th seen Jeff Bland Jr. the winner in mods, along with Seth Hull
the Pure Stock winner, Tim Blakely in mini-stocks and CP and Sherrie Roark in Cruisers. Twin Cities
banquet will be November the 18th but that is really all the details I have at this time for them. Jeff
Bland Jr. was leading the mod points as of 8/12/06. Jerry Adams is leading the Super Stocks, Dan
Sallee is the point leader in Pure Stocks, Jamie Berry in mini stocks and Ronald and Donald Plumm in
the Cruisers. Twin cities final points night was this past Saturday September 2nd. Today September
4th they had Crate Late models and a demo along with pure stocks.

Alot of tracks will be winding down in September as others continue into October. Alot of people tend
to scatter after there home track closes for the season and get on the net and try to find a race in the
area to attend. I for one am one of those people and try to find a race within a reasonable distance
from Bloomington to attend until the snow flies...lol..I will keep writing about what is going on in the
area as long as I can find results and some track talk to write about.

For those of you heading to Eldora next weekend, have a great time be safe. Me and Tony will be here
in Bloomington having a unusual quiet weekend at home, well that is the plan since I have to work but
the urge to look at the local track schedules and find a race is hard to resist.

Until next time, See ya the track
Ma Nunn