Racin Round Indiana with MaNunn
              Racin Round Indiana.....8/06/06

Well hello folks, I bet you all thought I forgot about you.

I am going to start with Bloomington Speedway. Racing has been good. Last Friday night I saw a
heller of a sprint feature. Brady Short and Dickie Gaines were the stars of that show. The winner was
not determined in my opinion until the last 20 feet of that race and Brady Short came out on top.
Chris Deweese lead all the laps of the Super Stock feature to win, that prize money will come in handy
to help buy formula for those new twin Daughters. So congrats to Chris and Felisha on the new
additions. I am told they have 2 sets of Identical Twins...WOW. John Demoss made his return to
Victory lane with a popular victory. Have to give props to the point leaders. Kevin Briscoe is now in
the points lead. This man is a constant factor week after week. You put him on the tail and he is up in
the top five before you know it.  Jeremy Hines leads the Super Stock points. Jeremy has Four feature
wins and constantly in the top five when he doesnt win. Then you have the Rookie in the points lead.
Kent Robinson in his rookie year is leading the points. With one feature under his belt this year and
finishing in the Top five on a regular basis. As of July 31, Kent was 24 in the UMP National Points.

Brownstown Speedway has been John Gill's playground of late. Wow Five Feature wins in a row. Is
there any end in sight for his winning ways?? Only time will tell. Bub Cummings and Steve Godsey
continue the dominance of the Bomber Division. Brent Londeree has won the last 2 mod features at
the track. Well of Course you all have heard Tony Stewart has dropped by the last couple of weeks.
This past Saturday coming outta of turn 4, they were four wide for the lead and Tony was on the
outside closet to the wall and made the pass. Doesnt matter if you are a fan of his or not this was one
sweet pass in my opinion and of course I had to ask around and people were like DID YOU SEE
THAT!! Its nice to have the excitement of visitors like that but my heart will always go to the weekly
regular. Dont get me wrong I am a fan of Stewarts but I love my weekly regulars. Okay, now for the
points leaders as of the Last posting Steven Godsey is leading both the Late Model and Bomber
divisions. Tim Clark still holds his lead in the Super Stock division and Matt Boknect is leading the
Mods. The mod division is very tight as of July 27th there were 22 points between first and third spots
so I think this could be a dog fight in that Division right down to the wire. Brownstown is getting
ready to head into one of its largest races of the Season with the Jackson 100. Please stay tuned to the
message board for the upcoming announcements for the event. The posters I seen were awesome!!  I
always look forward to the weekend, gives me a chance to catch up with racing buddies from other
parts of the mid-west and maybe meet some of the others I have only messaged with on the boards.

As you know August and September are big race months, We have the NORTH/SOUTH, Jackson 100,
Topless 100 and then the World 100 and the Nationals at Knoxville. During those times alot of your
regular tracks take some down time. We will all be travling to different venues to watch these races.
We will be meeting up with friends and making new ones. Cheering on our favorite drivers, purchasing
merchandise and partying with dear friends. Its like the next month is travel month for alot of race
fans. We have meeting of all the different message board groups and make and meet people we only
message with. Then it all settles down after the World Weekend. After that point, alot of tracks are
winding down there Seasons. Where did this summer go?? It just seems to me that is was last week I
was getting ready for our car show in March and have so much anticipation for the Upcoming Season
and now I look and alot of the tracks only have 5 or 6 races left.  We all have our compliants and we
have our good things to say also. But come December we will forget about the bad and think DAMN I
cant wait for the new season. So racefans, have fun traveling, but remember to always come back
home and Support your local track every week!!

I want to say a special thanks to my friends of the DRC, during our Fair Week break we went down
there to Florence and they made us feel right at home. Of Course I always feel at home when I see late
Models on the dry slick surface. This was another chance to travel for us and meet up with dear friends
and enjoy a common bond a sport we all love and appreciate so much!!!