Q & A with Dan Shrigley
By Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones: Tell me a little about yourself and your family.

Dan Shrigley: My full name is Daniel R. Shrigley.
I'm 24 years old and live in Columbus,OH.
I am a Firefighter/Paramedic in Licking County.
I love most forms of racing and Ohio State football.
I have a 13 year old sister named Allison.
She is an eighth grader at Watkins Memorial who enjoys racing and softball.
My mother Vicky is my #1 fan.
My stepfather Dennis is my crew chief and car owner.

KJ: How many years have you been behind the wheel of a racecar?

DS: Two years.
I ran Limited Late Models at the Midway Speedway last season.
This is my first season in a Super Late Model.

KJ: Tell me about your racecar.

DS: This season we ran an old Bullitt car.
It has been a good car to grow in.
The experience I have gained in it is irreplaceable.

KJ: Did you grow up around racing?
Tell me about your racing background.

DS: I've been to a lot of races growing up, dirt and asphalt.
My only other racing experience was racing go-karts with
my father Victor when I was younger.
For those lucky enough to take dirt racing into their lives quickly
realize that this is the truest form of racing.

KJ: Do you have a nickname?

DS: Dan the Man

KJ: Do you have a favorite track?

DS: I like any track that's slick.

KJ: What is your biggest accomplishment or biggest win?

DS: My biggest accomplishment did not take place on a racetrack
but when Ibecame a nationally registered paramedic in June.
It was very hard work andI'm pretty proud of it.

KJ: What are your goals for next season?

DS: For next season my goal is to be a consistent threat to win.
Emphasis on consistent.
We had some good runs this year but they seemed so far between.
I need to better myself on racing on different track conditions.

KJ: What sponsors are helping you out this season?

DS: My sponsors are Martie Machine Co.,
General Wholesale & the Cock N' BullSaloon.
I also have to thank Frank & Dusty Campbell.
None of this would be possible without their help.

KJ: Do you have any other hobbies?

DS: I enjoy ATVs, hunting, billiards and
anything competitive.

KJ: Is there anyone else you would like to thank?

DS: Just the guys in the pits that have given me advice throughout the season.
They know who they are and I'm very appreciative.
This is such a great sport. Its very family oriented.

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