“Let’s hear it for the boys” by MizzK
August 29, 2006
I-MOD Division of Shadyhill Speedway
Medaryville, In
We are quickly closing in on the end of the ’06 season for the I-MOD division. This season has been especially
hard on my marriage and my health and I have made the decision to not attend any more races at Shadyhill. I feel
our division is getting a bad name so I would like to enlighten you on the caliber of drivers we have in our little

Amongst our drivers we have, 7 past champions in other divisions at Shadyhill. Toby Howard and Kyle Cooper are
the ’05 and ’03 Champions in I-MOD. Five of our drivers have previous experience in the go karting field, Kurt
Allison, Neil Martin, A.J. Cooley, Joe and Paul Gynn, at least 3 of the have won championships with those cars.
Also five of our drivers, Chris Arihood, Brad DeYoung, Toby Howard, Kyle Cooper and Kurt Allison, are currently
holding points in the UMP Modified division, Scott Minter and A. J. Cooley hold points in the Pure Streets.
In this bunch we have 3 sets of brother’s, the Howard’s, Fortner’s,and Gynn’s Amongst our merry little band we
have several truck drivers, 2 sets of father and son teams, most of them are included in what we call the Sullivan
bunch who are also the comedians of the group, Cole Simmons, Tim Sr., and Jr. Sullivan, Les Jensen, Sr. and Jr.
Terry’s McIntire. Little Terry as his family calls him, just became the father of his first daughter last week;
unfortunately I have no gotten her name. Cam Bales has driven in a few different classes and there was an award
for the calmest driver I think he would get it he always has a smile on his face. Lynn Johns has also never ceased to
amaze me how calm he stays after having a bad night and never hesitates to come and say hi when comes to the

Some have found the expense of a family and racing is to much and chose to move on to better things, Aaron
Shidler is moving his son into the ¼ midget class to introduce him the racing world, Donnie Rance fans don’t count
out the black and green machine, I saw his wife the other day painting something with that familiar green of Rance
Racing. Ron Miller, Dennis Ireland, Mike Gibbs, and John Allen will hopefully return to field next season. Brady
Stalbaum, raced in the six cylinder class at tracks like Rensselaer Raceway, and Broadway Speedway in the 70’
and 80’s with at least one sponsor of the I-MODs and the current owner of this division.

The Fortner brothers have had a rough season, these two travel over 2 ½ hours to make to Shadyhill, many times
the have stopped at a payphone to call if the weather was bad so they did not make an unnecessary trip, several
time we got rained out and they went home with nothing for that long drive. Jeremy Glasford works for a bank,
Bales for a car dealer ship. Jeff Barger has been battling some health problems of his own and we wish him get
better soon and rejoin the group. Jeff is there on most occasions with someone piloting his car. And who can ever
forget the flock in the stands waving their arms in support of the Duck, a.ka Tom Duckworth.
As you can see we have quit a diverse group of drivers. But put them all together and you have a great bunch of
guys whom also have a great bunch of fans behind them in the stands waving their towels as the races start, and
have given me 3 years of laughs and many tears.

Snake Howard has tried to tame the high banks of Salem Speedway his best race he finished 4th . This Halloween
weekend two of our drivers will also try to tame the beast, Kyle Cooper and Toby Howard will make their bids in
the 200 grueling laps on Salem. Brad DeYoung, Jeff Barger, Donnie Rance and Kyle have all helped in the pits at
this race for 2 different cars one included our very own BossImod whom I have made hang up his racing suit after
20 some years, I don’t think I could stand to watch him race another one with my high blood pressure.

Our two newest rookies Derrick Marshall and Richie Shirey come from racing families and are just getting their
feet wet in this division. I’m sure we will see good things from them next season. Most of our drivers will be getting
their feet wet on the asphalt of Plymouth Speedway this coming weekend as we have been invited by the promoters
to show them what we got. We have also had some UMP Modified driver fill in for our guys, Roger Caveness,
Kenny Carlson, Ron Wilkes, and Mike Hollified of Buzzard Race cars.
Some may say these cars are a waste of time and money but there are more who like them and many would like to
buy them for future seasons. This is the class where you are going to get more bang for your bucks.

I hope you have learned some about our drivers and although I won’t be at the last race of the season at Shadyhill I
wish you all good luck, I hope your fans cheer you on to a good night and a better weekend. Come out to Plymouth
on Sunday and show some support for your favorite I-MOD driver it should be an action packed show as usual. I
heard Gary Gasper of RaceStar Publications will be there to take some great action shots, maybe Rich and Diva
Rish will come also….

I would like to thank all the families, fans and sponsors of this division with out you we could not race every week.

Until Next time
“Keep the Sunny Side Up”