Jimmy Johns
Nominated by A.J. Johns
A.J. Johns: What year did you attend your first race?  
Jimmy Johns: 1954 at Mance Park Speedway in Hodgkins, Ill.  They raced Crosleys and Stockcars the track
is gone now. We lived in the trailer park which also was owned by the brothers that owned the track.

AJ: How old were you?
Jimmy: I was six years old.  I use to sneak down there watch the races.

AJ: What was your favorite race track?
Jimmy: Santa Fe Speedway in Hinsdale, Ill.

AJ: Why was it your favorite?
Jimmy: Because it was a clay track. The races were always better on the clay then the asphalt.

AJ: Who was your favorite driver and why?
Jimmy: Ken Finley because he mostly drove Fords and Mercurys when everybody else was racing General
Motors products until he passed away in his race car on June 5, 1966. After that it was Marty Ridderhoff in
his 66 Ford Fairlane.

AJ: What was your favorite race and why?
Jimmy: 1965 a 150 lapper with Ken Finley and Bill Van Allen. Finley in a 61 Ford Van Allen in a 63 Ford
trading the lead the whole race with Finley finally winning it.

AJ: What is your most memorable moment?
Jimmy: Ken Finley drove all the way from a big race held in Springfield, Ill in his 1963 Mercury making it in
time for the feature taking it off the trailer finishing second.

AJ: Who are some more of the drivers that you liked to watch?
Jimmy: Larry Jackson, Earl J. Hurbert, Lee Powers and Arnie Gardner.   

AJ: How about modern Late Models?
Jimmy: Billy Moyer, Larry Phillips, Ken Essary, and Mike Harris too name a few.   

AJ: What are some of the race track have you attened?
Jimmy: Santa Fe speedway ,Grundy County speedway, Raceway Park, Mance park Speedway all in Illinois.
Rennasler Speedway in Indiana which is now Kamp Motor Speedway. In Missouri, Bolivar speedway
,Lebanon i-44, old fairgounds in Springfield, I-70 at Odessa and Nevada speedway . ABC speedway in