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Industry Outlaws
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Industry Outlaws
South Carolina Legends
Doug Osteen
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Billy Scott
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The Media Yo' Momma Warned You About!
Volume 21
Matt Smallwood, Brad Wieck,
Shawn Tolson, Roger
Williams, Josh Scott, Dave
Cook, Shane Mugavin, JD
Largent, David Mcwilliams,
and Jeff Harris
Volume 22?
"The King of Country
Western Troubadours"
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Volume 23
South Carolina Legend
Billy Scott
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Volume 24
South Carolina legend
Doug Osteen
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Volume 17
Dick Potts, Ozzie Altman, and
"The Big Show"
Robby Hensley
Volume 18
Ken Essary
Dennis Piefer
Pete Parker
Volume 19
North South 100 Preview
Roger Williams,
Brian Stinson, Ted Nobbe,
Jeff Alsip, Jesse Lay,
and Mike Kratzer
Volume 20
Jackson 100 Preview
Steve Barnett, Mike Jewell,
Mark Barber, John Gill,
and Hip
Volume 13
GR Smith, Richard Gould,
and Wally Fowler
"No Candy Coating"
Billy Teegarden
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Volume 15
Roger Williams,
Amy Helterman,
and Vic "The Thrill" Hill
Volume 16
Ironman Stan Freeman
Jack Pennington
Volume 9
Dave Robertson
Eric Oakes
Bryant Scudder
Volume 10
Bill Bennett
Anthony White
Bruce Camp
Phil Milosh
"Dream Show"
Ted Hyatt, Ernie Morrison,
Kyle , Sweethardt, Mason
Clinger, Producer Biscuit,
Dwayne Fields, Stripper from
Racers, Phil Milosh, Bill
Bennett, Summer Nix, Ed
Hounshell, and Matt Noonan
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Volume 12
Chris Steele
Jackie Boggs
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Volume 5
Jerry Walker, Jody Shannon,
and JT LeFever, a drunken
dog story, and some
interesting calls
Volume 6
"Lowe's Will Survive",
Jody, Jerry, JT, Lucky13,
and third generation driver
Eric Shepherd
Volume 7
Ozzie Altman, World class
chess player Andy, Lucky13,
and a special Birthday wish
for the Drunken Race Fan
Volume 8
Eric Arnett, Kevin Lentz,
Dan Joe Gibbs,
Ernie Morrison,
and Ira Bastin
First Edition
Live from the Cat House,
first drunk tank report from
Jerry Walker, Matt Noonan,
Chris Nunn, and "The
Bluegrass Bricker" Jeff Alsip
Volume 2
Graphix groupies, Rob
Riemer, Lucky13, Kevin
Blair, and Ronnie Douglas
Volume 3
Poem to Summer Nix, Adam
Jones, Lucky 13, Moonshine
Frog, MaNunn, RJ Yada, Ami
from Sweden, 7 degrees of
Rick Aukland, Jack Lusby,
and Billy Teegarden
Volume 4
Roger Slack, RJ Yada, Jody,
Jerry and Madd Biscuit