Dirty Thoughts 8/04/06

Dirty Thoughts…

Cough, cough, sneeze, man it’s dusty in here, it’s been weeks since the dirty one has sat down in front of the
computer to do a report, and man is it dusty in here. As I recall the last one wasn’t all that popular with a few folks,
of course, when you put your thoughts and opinions out there for everyone to read, you should expect to make some
people mad. In time I hope those that weren’t happy with me, see that I don’t pull any punches and only write what I
see, NO MATTER WHO IT IS, friend or foe!!!

There has been so much going on over the past few weeks, I don’t know where to start. The dirty one ventured way
out of state to a track in the east, drove 6 hours to get home in time for the Topless night at Florence Speedway and
even took in a fair race. So, let’s start a couple Fridays ago, the Dirty one ventured over to Pennsylvania and some
great friends took me to Lernverville Speedway, yes yes I know, it’s owned by the dreaded DIRT Motorsports, but
I went anyway and man I was extremely impressed. They run late models, Sprints, Big Block Modifieds and a pure
stock class over there on a regular show, and it only cost $11.00 to get into the place. The racing was fantastic, the
crowd was HUGE, the show ran smooth, and with all that racing we still headed home before midnight, I will go
back, but not to a WOO show!!!

After hammering WAY to many Rolling Rocks, the dirty one hit the bed around 2:00am and got back up at 7:30,
took a shower and headed back to good ole Florence Speedway. Got home in time to shower, again, change clothes,
get some beer on ice and head over to my favorite race place for one of my favorite nights, TOPLESS Night!

Although I didn’t like the change in format, the night was still great. The track turned black slick at the first site of
a racecar and I knew I was home. “The Modern Day Cowboy” John Gill continued his hot streak by holding off a
charging “Last outlaw” Jesse James Lay for his 4th straight feature win and first at Florence in a while. Lay
padded his points lead on “the quiet one” Steve Landrum by grabbing the win, getting him oh so close to that
championship. In the Modifieds, “the iceman” David Spille held off “rocketman” Joey Kramer to get his 2nd
feature win of the year. The top 5 in this race were so close you could have thrown a blanket over them, awesome
racing action, which is what we’ve become accustomed to in the modified division in 2006. In the Super Dirt’s, one
of the dirty favorites, “Mr. Clean” Doug Wagner got his first win of the year, holding off Mark Robertson in doing
so. Way to go Doug, you were due buddy. Gotta give a shout out to Timmy Proffitt though, after being sent to the
tail for not having his fuel cap on, Proffitt clawed his way up to 5th, not bad against a strong field of cars.

It was great to have the Nunn family join the DRC for the night’s festivities, as Brownstown Speedway had the
night off. As you all know, the dirty one is NOT a big fan of the Legends cars so instead of heading to Florence this
past weekend, the dirty one decided take another track off of his NEVER BEEN TO LIST. Yeah that’s right, I had
NEVER been to Brownstown Speedway for a race and they were having a special show, so I went, and man was I
impressed with what I saw. The “Bomber” class over there drew 37 cars for a $500 to win show, and let me tell you,
they put on an exhibition. The racing was 3-4 and sometimes 5 wide (believe it or not) and from the front of the field
to the tail.

The DRF has been screaming at me about the ISS (Indiana Street Stocks) for years now, and I have been lucky
enough to catch a couple of their shows this year, and I am thoroughly impressed with these guys. The dirty one will
be the first to tell you I know nothing about these cars and the rules on how they are made up and how they
compare to our Super Dirt’s, but whatever their rules are, we should adopt them, they had 47 ISS for a $700 to win
show. Jeremy Hines is the man, I’ve seen him run several times and I love his style, plus you can’t hate a guy that
gets out of his car and in the post race interview basically tells a rival chassis builder to kiss his a$$, basically in not
so many words!!! I’d love to see 47 Super Dirt’s in the pits one night at Florence, wouldn’t you???? Deja vu was
striking the dirty one as “the modern day cowboy” John Gill was taking the checkered flags in front of me for the
second weekend in a row, his 5th feature win in a row. To be honest he had the boys covered from jump street, his
only competition would have been Mike Jewell, but a bad call against the Indiana driver forced him to a consi win
and a 18th starting spot. “The Scottsburg Express” steamrolled up to 4th place before a caution came out, which I
thought was a good thing until they put a lapped car in front of him, and he got shuffled back to 7th before again
charging up to 4th. “Smoke” Tony Stewart was in the house, and was putting on a show for the fans before he broke
a driveshaft and retired for the night. I’m no Tony Stewart fan, but the man can wheel a racecar, on asphalt or
DIRT, but he’s still a jerk!!

Back home at Florence Speedway Jesse James Lay was getting another feature win and trying to pull further away
from Steve Landrum in the process. There was an incident between Lay and Rick Corbin, but I was not there and
refuse to go by second hand information, but will say this, I believe Jesse WOULD NOT have done anything
intentional to Corbin, I just don’t think he’s that kind of driver. In the pure stock division, Brandon Green finally
got the monkey off his back and hopefully onto Bob Lanter’s, as the former champion was able to hold off the #5
Camaro of Lanter to get his 2nd feature win of 2006. Way to go Brandon keep it up buddy, I wish I had been there
for that!! Speaking of wishing I was there, of all weeks for the dirty one to venture off, I had to do it on the week
that “Big Daddy” Shawn Tolson got his first EVER Modified feature win at Florence Speedway. I’m so happy for
Shawn and the rest of his crew, there is ABSOLUTELY not a nicer guy in the pits, Shawn has worked so hard and
been so close this year and I’m proud of him, his crew, family and fan club for hanging in there. The first one is the
hard one; the 2nd one will come much quicker, good luck buddy. Not only did he get his first win, he’s drawn to only
a 50-point deficit behind “the iceman” David Spille. Speaking of the Championships, we’ve got 3 divisions that 1st
and 2nd place are within 65 points. In the late model division, Jesse Lay leads Steve Landrum by 65 points (1516 to
1451) and in the Modified race David Spille leads Tolson by that 50 point margin (1576 to 1526), and in the Pure
stocks, Bob Lanter can’t seem to shake Brandon Gibson who trails by only 56 points (1547 to 1491) heading into
the late stages of the season, Good luck to each and every one of you!!!

When the 2006 season started, the dirty one thought it was not going to be as good as the 2005 season had been.
The dirty one was basically jobless; let me tell you the dirty wife was not a happy camper with that one, so all my
racing plans were washed down the jobless drain. I had aspirations of hitting 10 new tracks, chasing the BOB series
around a little, and was extremely disappointed when I realized none of it was going to happen. But then, on my way
home from the Pittsburgh area last weekend, the dirty one started reflecting on the 2006 season so far, and I
realized how lucky I am. Yeah I’m not gonna hit those 10 different tracks, and I’m only gonna see the BOB series
at Florence and Ponderosa this year, but something much more important happened to me. Instead of taking tracks
off of my never been to list, I’ve taken folks off of my never met list and made some pretty darn good friends in the
process. It has been my honor and pleasure meeting, talking to and getting to know the likes of Brian Brooks, co-
owner of the 1b that the “Verona vandal” Jerry Rice drives. Other folks like Jesse and Charlotte Lay, Doug
Wagner, Brandon and Jessica Gibson, Rooster Gibson, David Willoughby, Tony Brewer, Jason Miller, Kevin
Blair, Jeff Raisor, Bill Blair, jr., David Spille and his Dad that talks to me every week, Timmy Proffitt, Ron
Landers, sr., Stan Freeman, Jim Shell, the great bunch of people involved in the Shawn Tolson and Roger Williams
family and crew, man the list just goes on and on (please don’t be mad at me if I didn’t list you, I only have so much
room). When it comes to my racing family, I cannot leave out my friends in the DRC section every week, DRF,
Teea, JTodd, Michael, Doug, the Dehner clan, the Scudder clan, Bignuts and the Heckler, Maddbiscuit, and that
list just goes on and on as well. And this year getting to meet Felicia and Tony Nunn and their family, getting to go
spend an evening with Chris and Stacy Rhodes of Edge Racing Engines over in Pa and their awesome crew, talking
to promoters from different tracks, racers from different places and so many more folks from the Florence
Speedway website to 4m.net to www.thedrc.net to the Captains crew in Pa, it’s just been awesome.

I was walking into Kentucky lake back in March, and a guy recognized me, he said-hey that’s dirtball, I’m 5 hours
from home, and am a NOBODY, but I just got recognized, I’m loving it! Yeah I’ve been able to take a few tracks
off the list, Brownstown, Lake Cumberland and Union County come to mind, but that doesn’t matter to me as much
as the friends and family I’ve gained. I’ve said this before, a bad night at the races with good friends, beats a good
night just about anywhere else! I am truly blessed to have so many friends, how in the world could I have thought
this year was not gonna be as good, it just goes to show you, even the dirty one is wrong every once in a while.

To all of you that are mentioned and those that I accidentally forgot or just didn’t have time to list, let me say
MY LIFE. Next week is the North/South 100, and I’ll be there Thursday night after @ 8:30 and pretty much all
night Friday and Saturday nights, and I would love it if everyone that reads this would come up to the DRC camp
and say hi, have a drink or 2, and just hang out or catch me in at the Pig Roast or in the pits or wherever and just
say hey!

To me the racing is just part of the equation, the other part is the family and friends, and to be honest it’s the best
part and the part I hope I never forget about again!!!

So until then, keep in mind, the dirty ones comments are mine and mine alone. They are in no way intended to
offend or put down your favorite driver/brother/son or father. If you have anything you’d like to add please feel free
to email me at
bryant.scudder@insightbb.com and I will be glad to do so. Remember to keep your racing clean and
your thoughts dirty!