Dirty Thoughts 6/17/06

“Let’s get ready to RUUUUUMMMMMMBBBBLLLEEEE”…oh wait, that’s not right, how about this, “Oh,
Canada”, no wait that’s not right either, how about this, “I went to a hockey game and a race broke out”?  Well any
of those will work to kind of set the mood for what was a wild and crazy night at Florence Speedway.  However, the
dirty one has thought all week on whether or not to talk about what took place this weekend in the infield and the
pits, and I’ve decided that what you’ve just read, will be all you hear about it from me…Now, on to important
matters, the disaster that was, Kids Night, where do I start?  Well let’s start with the fact that if you were on the
track, you couldn’t hear a darn thing Brad was saying (you see-the speakers are facing the STANDS-duh), making
everyone ask “what did he say” which made it even HARDER to hear.  Next thing on my list, those parents who
sat their tails in the stands and sent their kids to the track for someone else to keep an eye on, if you know me, you
know that drives me nuts, get up off your butt and come down to the track and take care of your own damn kids, I
bet I had 15 kids come up to me and ask what was going on.  Lastly, you parents that were down there, that were
pushing your kids up front or pushing kids down or grabbing things that were tossed (which BTW, was a
HORRIBLE idea) in the air and handing YOUR kid 5 or 6 things when others got nothing, need to have your tails
kicked.  THIS WAS A KIDS NIGHT, way to show your kids how to act.  Now, there was some good things, all the
bikes that were given out was great, the Tolson crew must have donated over 100 items, although those
megaphones my sons got are driving me crazy at home!!  Haha  There were tons of other people that donated
things, and the drivers were involved and to you folks I say thank you very much.  Also, to Jerry King who reached
deep into his pocket to give a little girl some cash because there wasn’t enough bikes to give the top 3 finishers
one, as they had done the boys, very cool move Jerry.  Let’s hope that the 2007 Kids night is much more organized,
I personally will volunteer to help on this night in any way I possibly can to make things better.

This weeks thoughts are going to be a bit different, time has just ran out on me this week, to many of my sons
baseball games to attend, and I wanted to get something else off my chest, so please bear with me, HERE GOES:  

Well the dirty one ventured away from his normal race place this weekend, making the hour and a half trip on
Friday night up rt. 1 to Union County/Liberty err Whitewater, whatever the heck the name of the place is, for the
first time ever.  I didn’t know what to expect, I’d heard so many things, both good and bad.  Let’s just say the bad
stuff was more right than the good stuff.  The group I was with arrived at 7:45, keep in mind hot lapping was
suppose to start at 6:45 and racing at 8:00, after paying $10 for me and $5.00 for my 7 year old son (which is
ridiculous), we took our seats (nice new stands BTW) and right away noticed they were STILL attempting to pack
the track, some dumb@$$ had poured so much water on the track it looked more like a mud bog than a racetrack.   
Remember, it’s 7:50 now and hot laps were suppose to start at 6:45, needless to say I was NOT happy, neither was
the absolutely PACKED crowd.  Topping all of this off was the fact that there were only about 7 vehicles on the
track doing the work, when there should have been ALL of the cars on the track.  Anyway, at about 8:30, officials
decided to try and hot lap, WRONG, most of the 17 Late Models did one lap at half speed and pulled off, the ones
that did try almost or did mess up their racecars, one broke a driveshaft and one an axle all in 1 lap, where the
track wasn’t MUD, it was a CORNFIELD.  The modifieds and street stocks and road hoggs didn’t fair much better,
with many of the drivers almost tearing down the wall in turns 3 and 4.  So, somebody got the bright idea to fire up
the grader, it’s now after 9:00pm and the natives are getting restless, the guy fires up the grader, and to be honest I
was OK with this, I just wish they had decided to do it earlier AND I wish the guy knew what the hell he was doing,
because he just really screwed things up worse.  I’ve never prepped a track so I know NOTHING about it, but I
think I knew more than this guy and that’s sad.  Well finally at 9:30ish the first LM heat race pulled out on the
track, and to be honest I don’t know how those guys drove on that track, if they had any fillings they probably
needed repaired when the night was over.  I’m not going to go over the entire night of racing, I will say that the
Road Hoggs and Street stocks put on as good a show as they could, something cool I got to see, was the entire
UNDERNEATH of Duane Chamberlains Late Model when he went into turn 1 on the start of the LM feature, btw
it ended at 12:45AM, after which we left.  They still had 3 features to run and it was 1:00am…which leads me to:

A Dirty Commentary:  A couple weeks ago the dirty one was on the Industry Outlaws show and I was asked what
promoters could do to get fans in the stands.  I didn’t have a great answer then and I still don’t have one (besides
better promoting) on how to get NEW fans in the stands, but while I was sitting in the stands at Onion County (err
Union County-man how about firing up a weed eater at that place), I was listening to the packed house boo and yell
and say “I’m never coming back”.  I thought to myself, this is part of what’s wrong with this sport today, in a day
and age when people have so many choices at their fingertips, so many options and so little time and in our “A.D.
D.” society, where our attention spans are so short, when you have our attention, you need to keep our attention.  
By that I mean, if it says hot laps at 6:45, then by god hotlaps start at 6:45, when it says racing is at 8:00, then
racing starts at 8:00.  Now I know what some of you folks that have been around racing a long time are thinking,
you’re thinking “Dirtball this is the way it’s always been”, and you’re right, but it’s got to change, people just have
to many choices nowadays, and unlike us DIE HARD race fans, they won’t go back for more of the same BS that
went on over at UCS and some of the other tracks I’ve visited (Brushcreek, Ponderosa, Lake Cumberland, etc.).  I
have said this before, but it bears repeating, every time I leave Florence Speedway for a night, I thank god it is my
home track.  They almost always start on time, the show is run efficiently, the gate prices are always fair ($1.00 not
$5.00 for my 7 year old), the races end early enough for out of towners to get home at a decent hour, and the racing
is always good.  This is no King suck up fest by no means, at Florence the payouts could be better; rest rooms on
the backstretch could be better, attitudes and the way people are treated could be better, there are some things
they could improve on, but for the most part the place is great.  Oh, by the way, after all this, and to nobody’s
surprise, I will go back to Union County, I could see the potential of there being some really killer racing there, and
to be honest, how good or bad a facility is won’t keep me from going, heck I love Richmond Action Track and that
place, well let’s just say needs some updating…this is me stepping down off the soapbox…

OK, very quickly, here are the run downs for the heat races and features from this weekend at Florence Speedway,
and the top 25 in points in each division…

Late Models
Heat race #1                                Heat Race #2                 
1. Jerry Rice                                1. Barry Doss                        
2. Dan Hoard                                2. Joey Tackett                
3. Steve Landrum                        3. Mike McWilliams
4. Bill Blair, Jr.                         4. Chad Smith
5. Brian Stinson                        5. Roger Williams

1. Jerry Rice- Getting back on track after a rough dream weekend, congrats to the Brooks/rice team…
2. Jesse Lay- Came from 12th starting spot, and took over the 2006 Points lead by 3 over Landrum
3. Barry Doss- Doss continues to get stronger, look for him to get his first 2006 win soon
4. Bill Blair, Jr.- doing it with less than most, awesome job BBJ!!!
5. Joey Tackett- have to give a shout out to this driver, improving tremendously, way to go!
6. Brian Stinson- not bad after all those years away from the division, top 5 in points is possible
7. Larry Pickelheimer, jr- just 14 points back of 4th place, having yet another solid year..
8. Chad Smith- the kid looks to have things headed in the right direction…2 top 10’s in a row
9. Roger Williams- still the dirty favorite, not a bad run for the #12 team, things are looking up…
10. Jeff Alsip- great run by Jeff, top 10 in points is right there for you Jeff, just 27 points out…

Late Model Points
1. Jesse Lay- 941                                11. Audie McWilliams- 617
2. Steve Landrum- 938                        12. Jeff Alsip- 606
3. Jerry Rice- 837                                13. Robby Hensley- 569
4. Bill Blair, jr.- 818                                14. Dan Hoard- 559
5. Larry Pickelheimer, jr.- 804                15. Adrian Nichols- 529        
6. Brian Stinson- 750                                15. Mike Amell- 529
7. Mike McWilliams- 714                        17. Chad Smith- 483
7. Roger Williams- 714                        18. Rick Corbin- 482
9. Barry Doss- 638                                19. Jeff Raisor- 422
10. Josh Williams- 633                        20. Bob Lanter- 419

We have a heck of a points battle in this division, 1 and 2 just 3 points difference, and only 33 points separating 3-5
and around the top 10 mark we have a couple drivers less than 70 points from cracking the top 10…great season so

Heat Race #1                        Heat Race #2                        Heat Race #3
1. Ted Nobbe                        1. Ed Eschmann                1. Bruce Gould, III        
2. David Spille                 2. Shawn Tolson                2. Larry Moreland, sr        
3. Brandon Green                 3. Ron Jolliff, jr.                3. Bill Arnold
4. Ray Branscum                4. Gary Richard                4. Scotty Kincaid
5. Trent Green                        5. Danny Hon, jr.                5. Mike Hohlbein

Consi Finish
1. Kevin Hartman        2. Mike Jefferson        3. Steve Sturdivant        4. Jeff Vonbargen

Modified Feature 20 Laps
1. Ted Nobbe- no big surprise, getting hot just in time for the big money show, typical Ted…
2. Brandon Green- maybe could dominate if he wanted to race here every week, he’s bad fast
3. Bruce Gould, III- quiet contender every time he shows up at the track..
4. Shawn Tolson- the dirty favorite, big daddy has been on a roll, up to #2 in points…
5. Bill Arnold- top 5 in points, a strong year for the singing racer
6. Ed Eschmann- I wish he raced here on a weekly basis, I love the sound of his racecar..
7. Larry Moreland, sr.- the professor, still getting it done, finally he didn’t have to come from the consi
8. Ron Jolliff, jr.- Steaming toward the top 10 in points, I love watching this guy run..
9. Gary Richard- good run for the veteran, a top 10 at Florence in mods is as good as a top 5 most places
10. Ray Branscum- very impressive rookie; have seen him racing everywhere, doing a great job in 2006
Have to give a shout out to points leader David Spille, who spun early in the race and worked his way back up to
5th before spinning again on the last lap, sometimes you go faster, by going slower…

Modified Points
1. David Spille- 1045                        11. Bruce Gould, III- 638
2. Shawn Tolson- 961                        12. Ray Bradford- 626
3. Kevin Hartman- 953                13. Ted Nobbe- 585        
4. David Mcwilliams- 937                14. Ron Jolliff, jr- 581
5. Bill Arnold- 859                        14. Scotty Kincaid- 581
6. Mike Stacy- 744                        16. Brandon Green- 561
7. Larry Moreland, jr.- 743                17. Kevin Cradler- 471        
8. Larry Moreland, sr.- 703                18. Matt Smallwood- 467        
9. Ray Bradford- 688                        19. Ed Eschmann- 432
10. Tom Webster- 669                20. Jimmy Stricker- 410

Speaking of points battles, this division’s top 4 drivers are all within 108 points of each other… and 6-12 are
separated by less than 120 points…awesome…

Super Dirt Stocks
Heat Race #1                        Heat Race #2
1. Timmy Proffitt                1. Doug Wagner
2. Mark Robertson                2. Adam Dixon        
3. Paul Crowell                3. Stan Freeman
4. Randall Dooley                4. Ron Landers, sr.
5. Jimmy Stegman                5. Tim Thurman

Feature Finish
1. Timmy Proffitt- got a little lucky in his heat race, but I’d rather be lucky than good…
2. Paul Crowell- running a very strong 2nd to Proffitt in the points as well…
3. Mark Robertson- Mr. Consistent, he’s always there ready to pounce on one mistake
4. Randall Dooley- having a good year, the new rules changes were good for him..
5. Stan Freeman- looking strong in the #2 ride, first 2006 Florence win is coming I can feel it..
6. Adam Dixon- looked good in his heat race, a little more consistency and he’s a top 5’er weekly
7. Steve Colegate- had to look twice, but he’s running in the top 10 in points, good job..
8. Ron Landers, sr.- the veteran is having a strong 06, 6th in points…
9. Dutch Kennedy- glad to see Dutch back, hope it’s a weekly thing..
10. Jimmy Stegman- good run by the 81 team..

SDS Points
1. Timmy Proffitt- 1152                11. Jim Shell- 684                
2. Paul Crowell- 1105                        12. Dan Dehner- 653
3. Mark Robertson- 1015                13. Jimmy Stegman- 590
4. Doug Wagner- 1013                14. Tim Thurman- 537
5. Randall Dooley- 939                15. Chad Oberson- 528
6. Ron Landers, sr.- 934                16. Dwight Workman- 521
7. Steve Colegate- 906                17. Danny Palmer- 505
8. Stan Freeman- 891                        18. Jim Focht- 447
9. Adam Dixon- 866                        19. Kris Kruetzkamp- 330
10. Josh Chapman- 719                20. Mark Thomas- 283

Another tough points battle, Proffitt looks to be in control of the #1 spot, but 2-4 and 5-8 are very close races, one
slip up and things could change drastically…

Pure Stocks
Heat Race #1                        Heat Race #2
1. Jerry Gibson, jr                1. Bob Lanter
2. Phil Connell, jr                2. David Bowling
3. Dale Jackson                3. Jason Miller
4. Kevin Heltsley                4. Brandon Green
5. Paul Nobbe                        5. Tony Brewer

Pure Stock Feaure
1. Bob Lanter- legal or not, he’s dominating this class…
2. Brandon Gibson- Brandon is giving it everything he has to try and beat the #5 car..
3. David Bowling- last years champ, first time out this year, good first run…
4. Jason Miller- young man is doing a bang up job, best looking car in the division…
5. Jerry Gibson, jr.- good to see Rooster get a heat race win this week…
6. Tony Brewer- Mr. No luck, wonder if he’ll race both cars???
7. Bob Adams(#17)- subbing for Billy Gibson did a good job in the #17 car, dirty favorite
8. Phil Connell, jr.- 2nd week back for the #8, glad to see him rolling again..
9. Matt Magee- DRC’s favorite son, hanging in there for a top10 finish…good job Matt..
10 Dale Jackson- “action” Jackson back behind the wheel, glad to see it…

Pure Stock Points
1. Bob Lanter- 1032
2. Brandon Gibson- 984
3. Jason Miller- 973
4. David Willoughby- 834
5. Jerry Gibson, jr.- 825
6. Tony Brewer- 806
7. David Pauley, jr- 540
8. Ralph Rudde, jr.- 523
8. Matt Magee- 523

Take a look at this points race, 2-6 separated by 178 points, and Willoughby no longer has a car so some guys will
be moving up for sure…

All in all it wasn’t a bad night at the track, I wish what happened in the infield hadn’t, I wish the kids night had been
a little more organized, but as I’ve said before, even a rough night at the track is better than a night at home…

Congrats to Jerry Rice, Ted Nobbe, Timmy Proffitt, and Bob Lanter on the nights feature wins, and a shout out to
Shawn Tolson on making a big jump from 4th to 2nd in the points Modified points chase.  Speaking of points chases,
Lay, Landrum and with help Rice all have a shot at the LM championship, who will win, will Rice/Brooks decide to
race elsewhere or will they be at Florence trying to another championship??  The season is shaping up for an
awesome run…I can’t wait to see how it unfolds…

But until then, keep in mind, the dirty ones comments are mine and mine alone. They are in no way intended to
offend or put down your favorite driver/brother/son or father. If you have anything you’d like to add please feel free
to email me at bryant.scudder@insightbb.com and I will be glad to do so. Remember to keep your racing clean and
your thoughts dirty!

The dirty one!!!!!

***All stats and information provided by “The Tower Assistant” for more information contact the creator of “The
Tower Assistant” Ron Jerger, Jr.***