Dirty Thoughts 4/22/06 Fire/EMS and Police Night

The dirty one was wondering why the DRC section was so quiet Saturday night, but once Brad Greer announced
that it was Fire/EMS and POLICE mans night at the track, that pretty much answered that question, extra police
make some of us nervous!!! It’s to bad too, because they missed some fantastic racing, as the "regulars"at
Florence Speedway put on one hell of a show, proving once again that a regular night at Florence is as good as a
special night at other tracks. The dirty one wonders if the "Florence Management" has sold their collective souls
to Mother Nature, as once again lightning could be seen in the distance as the cars were "thundering" around the
track and just minutes after the racing action was complete, rain fell on the facility...good timing again, I THINK

The dirty one is going to change things around a bit this week. In hopes of boosting the car counts in the Pure Stock
division, I’m gonna cover them first. 14 Pure stocks packed into the pits at the track this weekend, up a couple from
last weekend but still a bit lower than the dirty one would like to see. Heat race #1 would be dominated by a driver
pulling double duty on the night. Tony Brewer, who also drove Dwight Workmans #32 machine in the SDS class,
took control early and cruised to an easy victory. Newcomer Joe Miller impressively worked his way thru the field
to grab not only a second place finish, but enough passing points to start on the pole in the feature. Ralph Rudde jr
was able to captain his ship into the #3 spot in the running order, followed by Tim Rice. Once again this week heat
race #2 was loaded, 7 of the top 10 in the points chase would battle for the heat win, and battle they did. Brandon
Gibson held off the stellar field of cars to chalk up yet another heat race victory, but it wasn’t easy, "wild turkey"
David Willoughby made sure of that. The two battled side by side for several laps with Jason Miller once again
sticking his nose into things. "The bullet" Bob Lanter, coming from the tail of the field also got into the mix making
it a 4 way dance for the checkers with Gibson leading the way. Willoughby held off a very strong Lanter for a strong
2nd with Miller and Jeff Fairchild rounding out the top 5. Joe Miller started on the pole for the feature, but when
the green flag fell, Brandon Gibson powered to the inside and had the lead by the time he was in the middle of turns
1 and 2, however a spin behind the leaders would force a complete restart, and Miller wouldn’t allow a replay on the
2nd try. This time it was Brewer who took the advantage coming thru turns 1 and 2, followed closely by Gibson,
Lanter and Willoughby. "Wild turkey" was a man on a mission and took the red #98 right by everybody and took
the point. Lanter worked his way by Gibson as pole sitter Joe Miller began to fade a bit. Willoughby had control of
the field and was looking to grab his first feature win in 2006, but Lanter had other ideas. Lanter, Gibson and
Brewer went 2 and 3 wide behind Willoughby for several laps with Lanter gaining the advantage as the leaders took
the white flag and headed into lapped traffic. Seeing a chance to pin Willoughby behind a lapped car, Lanter stuck a
nose under Willoughby forcing him to make a decision. It turned out to be a costly choice for the driver
affectionately knows as the "wild turkey", as he chose to try and squeeze his way between the lapped car and
Lanter’s camaro, contact was made and the dirty one saw the bottom of Willoughby’s ride(which is NEVER a good
thing) and the car went up on 2 wheels, cut across the track slamming into the outside wall before sliding backwards
across the track into the loader tires collecting Jason Miller and the lapped car in the process. Lanter continued on
and grabbed the feature win, giving him 2 in a row, Gibson also got thru the wreckage and took the checkered in the
#2 spot followed by Brewer, Jerry "rooster" Gibson and pole sitter Joe Miller. Before the wreck, and even after,
this was one of the best PS features yet, I keep telling everyone to stick around and watch these guys, you folks are
really missing out on some fantastic racing action. As far as the wreck goes, I know David isn’t gonna be happy
with me, but I say it was a racing deal, could "the bullet" have given him a little room, maybe, but Lanter was going
for the win same as he was and neither were ready to settle for 2nd. I give the "wild turkey" all the credit in the
world for going for it, if the move had worked, you would have brought the house down brother! I hope you get her
back together for this weekend David!! The top 5 in points are as follows: Bob Lanter-506, Jason Miller-482,
Brandon Gibson-480, David Willoughby 470 and Jerry Gibson jr 463, a very close race, keep up the good work

26 Late Models signed up to take their chance at the famed Black Ice of Florence Speedway, but only one could
pull the winning ticket. "The bluegrass bricker" Jeff Alsip started on the pole with Audie McWilliams on the
outside of row 1. McWilliams jumped out to the lead, but Alsip quickly worked back underneath of the #10 of
McWilliams and the two battled until Alsip came up lame and limped it to the infield. "The verona vandal" Jerry
Rice worked around the limping Alsip to move in behind Audie, but wasn’t able to get around the 2nd generation
Late Model driver and McWilliams took the heat race win with Rice in tow. Rick Corbin was able to hold off an
improving Josh Williams and grab the #3 spot in the finishing order with dirty favorite Bill Blair jr rounding out the
top 5. "The last outlaw" Jesse James Lay was able to take advantage of the pole draw and grab the win in heat
race #2, with "the boss" Barry Doss and "the quiet one" Steve Landrum hounding "the outlaw" before settling
into 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Heat race #3 was a show, a "BIG SHOW" to be exact. The "BIG SHOW"
Robby Hensley lived up to his nickname and grabbed his first ever heat race win at Florence Speedway. Hensley
had his hands full with last seasons Rookie of the year Adrian Nichols and Billy Williams battling him the whole
way. Williams jumped out to the lead with Nichols in tow and Hensley working around WOO driver Eric Jacobsen to
make it a 3 way battle for the lead. "The big show" eventually took the point with Williams and Nichols side by side
on his back bumper, Nichols kept diving to the bottom getting a run on the top 2 but just couldn’t make it stick, all
the while holding off dirty dozen member Eric Jacobsen. You could have thrown a blanket over the top 3 as they
came down to the checkers, but Hensley was able to hold on and get the "BIG" heat race win, with Williams
slipping into 2nd just ahead of Nichols. Showing why he was at Florence for a regular show and not in North
Carolina, Jacobsen finished 4th making my day. For the first time all year(due to weather issues) the call for water
to the top of the track came out, and with Rice starting on the outside of the front row it wasn’t hard to see what
might happen. The "Big show" held on as long as he could but Rice was the class of the field on this night and
simply checked out on the field. The racing behind the "verona vandal" was very good with a couple of dirty
favorites "rockin" Roger Williams and Jeff Alsip making strong runs toward the front both passing 12 cars in doing
so. Williams last weeks hero, had a rough heat race and was forced to start 19th in the feature, but he made the
best of it working his way up to a fine 7th place finish, great job once again Roger. Alsip was involved in a first lap
crash that wasn’t his doing, went to the tail and would finish a charging 12th one spot ahead of Eric Jacobsen and
one more restart from getting into the top 10, seems Jeff’s getting things figured out in that good looking #78 ride.
Back up front, Hensley, McWilliams, Lay and Doss started another 4 way dance battling for the runner up spot,
until McWilliams fell out with mechanical problems. Someone forgot to tell Rick Corbin he wasn’t invited to the
dance and he must have been ticked about it, doing what he does, Corbin worked the low side in getting around Lay
and Doss and set sights on Hensley. Unable to hold off the veteran, Hensley slipped to 3rd just ahead of Lay and
Doss. But by this time Rice was taking the white flag and then the checkered on his first 2006 feature win. Second
place went to Corbin, with the "big show" grabbing a good top 3 finish. Lay would not only take control of 4th place
in the feature, he’d take control of the points race as well, followed by an impressive first run in 2006 by "the boss"
Barry Doss who rounded out the top 5. The 2-5 battle was a good one, but watching Williams and Alsip charge thru
the field made the dirty one stand and salute. And watching the WOO driver finish 13th also made the dirty one
happy, once again proving how strong the competition is at Florence Speedway on any given night. The points are
as follows: Jesse Lay-431, Steve Landrum-424, Josh Williams-387, Roger Williams-363 and Bill Blair Jr-318..
congrats to the Rice/Brookes team on the first win in 06, with a special shout out going to the "Big Show" Robby
Hensely on his heat win and top 3 finish, way to go SHOW!!!

30 modifieds spread into 3 heat races put on an awesome show on Saturday night as once again the division proved
just how strong it is. In heat race #1 Matt Smallwood and Brandon Green battled each other for the entire race with
Smallwood finally edging out Green late in the race to get his second heat race win of the season. Green settled into
the #2 spot and was hounded by a charging Mike Stacy late in the race but held him off forcing Stacy to settle for
3rd followed by Bruce Gould and Tom Webster. Carrying last weeks momentum into this weeks heat race, "wild
man" Kevin Hartman started and finished in the #1 spot in heat race #2. "Racin" Dave McWilliams started deep
in the field but worked his way up to a strong second place finish all the while securing himself the all important pole
position for the feature. "The modern day Leroy" Elliott Despain held off Jimmy Stricker to finish a solid 3rd in the
heat. Ed Eschmann, in his awesome sounding E1 modified, bested the field in heat race #3 and secured the final
front row spot in the feature in doing so. The singing driver Bill Arnold was able to hold off the "iceman" David
Spille to finish 2nd in the heat, with the "highlander" Ray Bradford and Jeremy Crisp rounding out the top 5. "Big
daddy" Shawn Tolson was forced to the consi after being involved in a heat race incident that sent him to the infield
early in the race. Tolson started on the tail of the field but quickly worked his way to the front of the caution riddled
consolation race and held on for the win. Larry Moreland jr, Kevin Cradler and Ray Branscum also transferred
from the consi. Just as in the Late Model feature a front row starter took control of the feature early and was really
never challenged after the field got going, but once again the racing behind the leaders was superb, it could have
been even better if a first lap wreck involving Matt Smallwood took one of this seasons strong contenders out of
the race early. Smallwood and his team repaired the 911 machine and Matt rallied for a top 10, however the dirty
one saw Matt after the race, and BOY he didn’t look happy with someone that drives a #18 car...back to the race, 2
guys to watch in this race were Brandon Green and Shawn Tolson. "Big daddy" started 21st after winning the consi
and mounted a strong charge to the front making it all the way up to 5th before a late race spin in turns 1 and 2 sent
Tolson pit side, a bad finish but a good race ran by Tolson, although I’m sure he wasn’t happy with it, it’s gotta be a
positive for the team. Green started in the 4th row and worked his way around some of the best modified drivers
Florence has to offer in securing a very good 2nd place finish. 2005 Champion Kevin Hartman was able to slip into
the #3 spot in the finishing order followed by Jimmy Stricker and the "singing driver" Bill Arnold rounding out the
top 5. Another driver making a strong move was the #77 of Greg Truster. Truster who started 20th was able to
wheel his way up to a very respectable top 10 finish. Good racing once again in the modified division, here’s hoping
it just gets better and better....the points are as follows: "racin" Dave McWilliams-486, David Spille-461, Kevin
Hartman-433, Jimmy Stricker-410 and Doug Adkins-367...anyone know where the Senior Moreland was this

Last but certainly not least the Super Dirts were also on hand this weekend. A strong field of 22 cars put into 2 heat
races were on tap and ready to put on a show for the fans. Heat race #1 would be won by Danny Palmer in his
familiar #88 ride, Palmer looked strong in holding off double duty man Tony Brewer. Brewer was impressive in his
first time in the Dwight Workman owned Super Dirt chasing Palmer to the checkers to finish 2nd. Jim Focht once
again had a good showing in holding off Randall Dooley for 3rd in the heat, with "Mr. Clean" Doug Wagner
rounding out the top 5. Just as in the pure stocks, heat race #2 was stacked with some of the best cars in the class,
with a very strong looking Paul Crowell getting the win over Timmy Proffitt, but Proffitt would get a win of sorts
winning the pole for the feature. Two of the veterans of the class, 2005 champion Mark Robertson and "the dude"
Dan Dehner would settle for 3rd and 4th place respectively, with Ron Landers Sr. rounding out the top 5. The
feature was much of the same, as Proffitt and Crowell battled each other for the win leaving the rest of the field to
race for 3rd. "Little" Timmy Proffitt was able to hold off Crowell and get the victory taking control of the points
lead in the process. Once again the veterans Robertson, Dooley and Dehner would battle for 3rd in the running
order with Robertson holding off Dooley to gain the spot. Dehner withstood some late pressure from Wagner to get
a strong top 5 finish in his second run of the year. Once again so pretty good racing in the SDS, at this point it looks
to be a 2 horse race for the championship between Proffitt and Crowell, but you can’t count out Robertson and
Dooley who are both looking strong...the points are as follows: Timmy Proffitt-511, Paul Crowell-509, Mark
Robertson-465, Randall Dooley-454 and Doug Wagner-440...

It never seizes to amaze the dirty one how great the racing community is, last week someone in the dirty ones
family was forced out of their home by fire, leaving 4 children without clothes/toys and a place to stay. A few of my
friends in the racing community heard about this and leaped at the chance to help out. They didn’t know who it was,
all they knew was someone needed help and they were gonna be there with whatever they possibly could offer. So
to the folks in the Dehner Motorsports family that offered clothes, furniture, toys and to Eric Edwards and his
business Perfection Landscaping, who offered money, clothes and possibly a place to stay, I say from the bottom of
my heart, THANK YOU. Those words don’t really express how much it meant to me that you folks would do what
you did for people in my family, but THANK YOU is all I have to offer at this time. So thank you, thank you, thank
you many times over....it is great to know there are people like you out there...this seems like a great way to end
this weeks thoughts...

Keep in mind, the dirty ones comments are mine and mine alone. They are in no way intended to offend or put down
your favorite driver/brother/son or father. If you have anything you’d like to

add please feel free to email me at
bryant.scudder@insightbb.com and I will be glad to do so. But until next time;
keep your racing clean and your thoughts dirty!

The dirty one!!!!!

***All stats and information provided by "The Tower Assistant" for more information contact the creator of "The
Tower Assistant" Ron Jerger, Jr.***