2006 Dirty Awards…

Welcome everyone to the 2006 Dirty Awards Show…while it’s not as big as the
Oscars or CMA awards, it is just a Chicken wing and a $10 cover from being as good
as this years 2006 Florence Banquet is probably going to be!  I tried to find someone
famous to present the awards to the nights big winners, but nobody was willing to
work for a bag of Fritos and an ice cold Busch Light, well nobody but me!!!  The
budget for the show is very low, so each participant will only receive a small token of
my appreciation and a handshake from the dirty one.  

I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time to participate and I’m
sure tonight’s winner’s thank you as well!  So if everyone is ready, we’ll get this thing

Ladies and Gentlemen, your MC for tonight’s event,


Good evening, nice to see everyone that could make it to the Dirty Basement err I
mean Ballroom for the night’s festivities!  I see quite a few people I know as I scan
the room…on the left side of the room I see Jerry Rice has made it, what does that
Jacket say on it, hmm Harrod something I can’t quite make it out!  Oh my, on the
complete other side of the room I see Brian Brooks, who is that guy he is talking to,
hmmm wonder if, well I’ll just leave that alone!  To my right over in the Amen section
I see a large ORANGE clad group of fans, yes that’s right Matt Smallwood and his
fan club are here, over at the Beer Fridge I see the Tolson clan, oh man I think I’m
gonna need more beer…OH boy, the party just picked up as I see the “House of
Truth” has just pulled into the driveway, I hope they have TC on that thing, I don’t
want it spinning out and throwing my gravel all over the place when they leave,
seriously nice to see the Industry Outlaws could make it.  Here comes 50+ years of
racing experience in one vehicle, Stan Freeman, Jim Shell and Ron Landers all made
it, Stan musta drove!!  Oh, that was rough, but those guys know I’m just kidding
around, between the 3 of them I think they blew more motors this year than Paris
Hilton blew, well let’s just keep this thing PG-13 rated!  Someone just told me that
Scott Bryant is here; he came spinning down the driveway just a few minutes ago!  
OK, enough playing around, it’s time to get to why everyone is here, the Awards!!

The first award given out will be the 2006 Best Looking Ride.  This year I changed it
a bit; we had nominations and winner from each division that competes on a regular
basis at Florence Speedway.  

The nominees for Best looking Pure Stock Ride are:
Bob Lanter
Brandon Gibson
Jason Miller
Tony Brewer
David Willoughby…

And the winner is…. Brandon Gibson…. congrats to Brandon!!

The Nominees for the Super Dirt Class are:
Timmy Proffitt
Paul Crowell
Doug Wagner
Mark Robertson
Dan Dehner

And the winner is…. in a bit of a surprise…Paul Crowell…congrats to Paul and his

The Modified Nominees are as follows:
Dave McWilliams
Shawn Tolson
David Spille
Larry Moreland, sr
Ted Nobbe

And the winner is…a tie…Ted Nobbe and “the professor” Larry Moreland, sr…way
to go guys!!

Last but not least, here are the Nominees for the Best looking Late Model:
Jerry Rice
Jesse Lay
Steve Landrum
Josh Williams
Robby Hensley

And the winner is…”the big show” Robby Hensley…Congrats to Robby and his
crew, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Robby as he once again is having to
battle for his life.  Robby, all of us fans support you and will continue to pray for a
FULL recovery and hope to see you back on the track next season!!  God Bless!!!

All right, first category down and there was a few surprises, at least to the dirty one
anyway.  But that’s why I opened it up to you guys…great job!

The next category up on the agenda is the 2006 Nickname of the year.  The
nominees are:
“Ironman” Stan Freeman
“Verona Vandal” Jerry Rice (even though I hear he hates it)
“The Professor” Larry Moreland, sr.

And the winner is…”Ironman” Stan Freeman…congrats to Stan and the originator of
this award Jody “the drf” Shannon.  The “Ironman” is the true definition of a racer;
he’ll go anywhere, anytime and as many times a week as he can…gotta love and
respect that!!

Up next is the 2006 Newcomer of the Year award…the nominees are as follows:
Brian Stinson
Ray Branscum
Trent Green

And the winner is…yet another TIE, this time it’s Ray Branscum and Trent Green.  
Ray had a great year, racing all over the area and beyond, always seemingly in the
hunt.  Trent, well what can you say about a 14 year old kid that held his own with
some of the Best modified competition around, look out fellas, the kid is coming!!  
This already tough division just got a little bit tougher!!  Congrats to you both!!

The next award is for the 2006 Bonehead Move of 2006. Truthfully this is one of the
dirty ones favorites; there are always a lot to choose from, but this years nominees
were as follows:
#19 Glen Bell and his team vs. The Hensley’s
Dan Hoard vs. Ronnie Douglas
The jerk that threw water bottles at Jeff Alsip
The disaster that was Kids Night
Jerry Walker vs. The Moonshine

And the winner is…well I guess in this case the looser is, the JERK that thought it
was cool to throw bottles at Jeff while he was qualifying…I hope someone with some
sense caught you and put their foot up your tail!!  Hey, what ya know, Jeff was
involved in a win!!!   And the crowd goes ewwwwww!!  Just kidding Mr. Alsip.

This next category was something that got kinda thrown in late and a lot of folks didn’
t see it and forgot to vote, truthfully I only got a couple of votes on this one, but I feel
it is a VERY important award.  It’s the award for 2006 Sportsman of the Year, and I
know there are a lot of folks that could be up for the sportsman award, but there can
be one winner tonight.  One of the votes I got was for Ronnie Douglas, that’s a no
brainer, the guy is one of the nicest people I have ever met and would be a perfect
person for this award.  I got a vote for “the small cool one” Billy Vaughan, why you
ask?  Well, the person that voted for him saw Billy with several drivers this year
trying to help them get things straightened out, he also saw him jump head first into
changing Greg Beems flat tire at the Mod Special, Billy had the tire of before Greg’s
brother could jack the car up, THAT is sportsmanship at its best and he would be a
deserving winner.  But I can’t do it; I simply CANNOT give the first ever Dirty
Awards Sportsman of the Year to anybody but Kevin Blair.  Kevin is simply one of
the best people I have ever met, anywhere; I truly look up to the man, it’s people like
Kevin that make dirt racing what it is and if there were more people like him, not
only in the sport, but in general, the World would be a better place!!  So congrats to
Kevin for becoming the Inaugural Dirty Awards Sportsman of the Year!!

The next award will be for the 2006 Race of the Year, the nominees are:
Spring 50- Roger almost pulls it off
Dave Robertson Memorial- Mark wins from the tail
N/S 100- Jerry Rice almost brings home the $$$
Spille/Tolson- Davids first win

And the winner is….The Dave Robertson Memorial.  What a race, watching Mark
come from the tail to win the race named after his brother was awesome, there were
tears flowing in the stands for sure that night!!  Congrats Mark!

2006 Most Improved Driver award is up next, the nominees are:
Mike McWilliams
Matt Smallwood
Josh Chapman
Jason Miller

And the winner is….Matt Smallwood…Matt went from pretender to contender this
year in the modified division.  He was a mid pack guy in 2005 and was a threat to win
every time he pulled onto the track in 2006, that’s pretty impressive, congrats to
Matt and his team!!

2 more awards left on the agenda, I’m burning thru them pretty quickly, I think I see
that the Tolson crew has floated the second keg I bought, I better hurry before the
natives get restless!!

Up next will be the award for 2006 Breakout Driver of the year, and the nominees
Josh Williams
David Spille
Larry Moreland, sr.
Shawn Tolson

And the winner is…in the largest margin of victory in any category, “Big Daddy”
Shawn Tolson.  Shawn, had a descent first year in the mods a couple years back, but
2005 was one he’d soon like to forget and 2006 aided in that process.  Tolson picked
up his first Florence win and a couple of wins at other tracks around the area, not to
mention he’s a hell of a nice guy.  Congrats to Shawn and the entire Tolson crew!!

Well we’re down to the final award, but it’s the Grand Daddy of them all, the one
everybody wants to win.  The final award is for 2006 Driver of the Year, the
nominees are as follows:
Jesse James Lay
David Spille
Timmy Proffitt
Bob Lanter

And the winner is…in a very close race, “The Last Outlaw” Jesse James
Lay…congrats to Jesse and Charlotte and the whole Outlaw Racing team.  They had
a great year, as did each and every driver in this category, any of the four could have
won this award and it would have been justified.  

Well that concludes the awards show; I hope everyone takes this as it was intended.  
It’s just something fun I wanted to do to spice up the off-season a little.  The jokes in
the opening were just that, JOKES and not intended to be mean, just poking a little
fun, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?  I once again want to thank
everyone that took the time to vote, I hope you had as much fun with this as I have!  

I’m really looking forward to 2007, I have tons of interviews already planned, some
of which I want to try and get done before the season starts, I intend to continue the
weekly thoughts and who knows, there might be even be an appearance by the dirty
one in a National Dirt newspaper, with major help from a buddy!!

So until then, keep in mind, the dirty ones comments are mine and mine alone. They
are in no way intended to offend or put down your favorite driver/brother/son or
father. If you have anything you’d like to add please feel free to email me at bryant.
scudder@insightbb.com and I will be glad to do so. Remember to keep your racing
clean and your thoughts dirty!

The dirty one!