"The Last Outlaw" Jesse James Lay with Bryant Scudder

A few weeks ago the dirty one sent out a call to all drivers in all classes that I was interested in doing some driver
interviews for the fans.  The very FIRST email I received offering his time was from the Outlaw Racing team’s
Jesse Lay, and after a very busy couple of weeks I finally had a chance to talk to the “Outlaw” himself....

Dirty one- “First off Jesse, thanks for taking the time to do this interview for me and the rest of your fans out
there! You really have no idea how much I appreciate you taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk to me..I
promise I’ll take it easy on you...Ok, if you’re ready here goes”..

Dirty one- “Do me a favor, for those of us that don't know, could you give us a little background on your racing
career up until now, and maybe tell us who gave you the nickname “the last outlaw?”

Outlaw- “ I started racing in 1988 in the bomber class. I raced two years in the bombers, then moved up to what was
then the sportsman class (limited late models) for 3 years. In 1993 I began driving late models for the STIHL racing
team #6 until the middle of 1996 season, which we then parted ways and I began driving for our own team (back to
#33). 1997 was the first full season for our new team, which is presently owned by my dad Joe Lay.”

Dirty one- “and the name?”

Outlaw-“As far as the name "The Last Outlaw", it really started all from my dad naming me "Jesse James Lay",
then Brad Greer started announcing me as that when I began driving in the late model division and it stuck.”
Dirty one- “well personally I love the nickname, I think it’s one of the coolest in all of Late Model racing...Jesse,
since we're on the past, you've been in a bunch of races in your career, is there one that sticks out in your mind for
whatever reason?”

Outlaw- “It was a Battle of the Bluegrass race down at Clinton Co. Speedway.....and it’s because we broke a j-bar
in the heat race and tore up the rearend in the car, the crew and I thrashed to get the car back together to start on
the tail of the consi - we finished 2nd (in the consi) to transfer to the feature. In the feature we started 16th in a 40
lap race and won!! It was a great feeling to overcome problems and to come from that deep in the field to win
against some good cars like Scott James, Brad Neat, Timmy Yeager, Aaron Hatton and the rest of the guys in the
BOB Series”

Dirty one- “that sounds one heck of a team effort right there...Jesse, If you could pick one race to win, which one
would it be?”

Outlaw- “The race I would most love to race is the North/South 100 @ Florence Speedway. The reason being, is
that race was started in the early 80's by Press Sandlin who is a dear friend of the family and has been my dad's
best friend for a long time. I have known Press all my life and can remember helping my dad work on Press's race
car in the mid 70's. Also, most of my fan/family are always @ Florence Speedway on a regular basis.”

Dirty one- “Ok Jesse, enough of the softball questions, here comes a little more difficult one...Last season you
switched from a Rocket Chassis to a Bob Pierce Chassis, well actually you still run both, which one do you prefer on
what types of tracks and is one better than the other?”

Outlaw-“I prefer the Bob Pierce Chassis because I get a lot of technical support from Bob(Pierce). He has less cars
out there in the late model division and it is easier for him to focus on the cars he builds.  As far as which chassis for
which track, the Pierce chassis I like on slick, momentum type tracks(like Florence), and the Rocket I like on tight
cornering , stop and go type  tracks (like Richmond).”

Dirty one-“Whatever the chassis, you've been running great so far this year, (at the time of this interview) your
leading the 2006 points(now 2nd by just 11) at Florence Speedway, you went from 25th to 9th in last weekends race
at Richmond(21st to 3rd this past weekend at Florence), what do you think has been the main reason you've had
such a good year to this point?”

Outlaw- “I think the reason we've been consistent so far this year is that we're not concentrating on running points,
we are just going out trying to win every race we can rather it be a heat race, consi or feature. So far this year we
have yet to win a feature, so I wouldn't consider 2006 a success yet, but it is close by.”

Dirty one-“You've always ran at different tracks and haven't really chased the Florence Championship in the past,
but a very "Special" birdy told me personally that you were thinking of doing that this year. Is that the case and
what's the main reason behind your decision?”

Outlaw-“Right now my main focus is on winning races. If we win races everything else will fall in place. One of the
main reasons I am racing @ Florence a lot this year is because it is an excellent track to race with constantly good
Competition. Also in the past when I have ran the BoB series and a lot of different tracks, most of my friends and
family could not be involved as much. If your friends and family can not be involved then success is not as sweet if
they are not there to share it with.”

Dirty one- “The competition at Florence Speedway on a weekly basis is top notch, talk about some of the drivers
you know will be beating on your door for the Championship!”

Outlaw-“Steve Landrum is always consistent and a clean driver. I respect his driving, his equipment and what he
has done in the past. He’ll always be a contender there. Jerry Rice is always solid no matter where he goes. They
have excellent equipment and Jerry has proven that equipment isn't everything because people have been in and
out of that car before and nobody makes the 1B car go like he does. Audie McWilliams has been very strong for
the last two years really concentrating on his program and equipment.”

Dirty one- Jesse, you've got tons of fans not only at Florence Speedway, but all over the area, is there anything
you'd like to say to them right now??

Outlaw-“To the fans that I do have I would like to thank them for being supportive of the team through thick and
thin. This racing game has its up's and down's. We give 100% every weekend and that's all we can do. We hope
there's a lot more up's than down's, but in racing sometimes luck is not always on your side. It is gratifying to me to
see people in the stands wearing my shirts and waving there hands and it puts a smile on my face.”

Dirty one- “On the same note, is there anyone you'd like to mention at this time, crew members, sponsors, etc.

Outlaw- “I would like to thank my dad who also owns the team for his support and help. I would like to thank the
crew,,,, Joe Gibson, Steve Ogden, and sometimes a little help from Tom Richard. My sponsors are indeed a big
part also.... Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing, Delta Faucets, Muggbees Bar & Grill, Florence Winnelson, Blue Beacon,
Hoosier Racing Tire, Dargie Race Engines, Bob Pierce Race Cars, Dave Poskes Performance Parts”

Outlaw- “I would like to also thank you (Bryant) for taking the time to do this for the racers. It's people like you
that help keep racing going. More fans the merrier.”

Dirty one- “I appreciate that Jesse, it’s guys like yourself that make it an easy to be a fan, once again I really
appreciate your time, and I wanna thank Charlotte(his wife) for helping me to get this done, it’s truely is

The dirty one wants to wish the Outlaw Racing Team nothing but the best of luck for the rest of the 2006 season.  
Good luck in whatever you decide to do...

Once again, if any driver in any division would like to do an interview similar to this one, please feel free to shoot
me an email @
bryant.scudder@insightbb.com I promise I’ll take it easy on you...thanks again to Charlotte Lay for
your help..

The dirty one!!!!!