Nominated by Jody Shannon
Danny Burnette (Right) wearing his Timmy Yeager shirt, at Eldora for
the 2003 Dream 100.  Walks with his friend they call "Chicken" (Left).
Photo by Kim Burnette.
                                        Danny Burnette
                                                    Story by Aaron Burnette

Danny Burnette was a die-hard dirt fan.  He loved going all over to the big shows.  He had several
favorite drivers.  Deep down though, I think he was a Timmy Yeager fan.  He liked Randle Chupp a
whole lot, and had really got to like John Blankenship a lot also.  

About a week before he tragically got killed in an auto accident, he made a statement that if
something happened to him, he wanted to be buried in a John Blankenship shirt.  He also wanted
Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd to be played at the services.  Needless to say, both wishes were
carried out.  

Danny had several memorable moments, but I guess his favorite was the 1991 Dirt Track World
Championship at Pennsboro.  He was standing outside the pit-gate when Freddy went through.  He
told Freddy that he would like to have one of his shirts.  A few minutes later, Freddy came back
over after him, and told the guy working the pit gate, Danny was with the team.  Freddy took him to
his hauler, gave him a shirt and signed it for him.  I heard about that every year afterwards.  Every
time it would get close to October, he would ask me if he could tell me the story about how Freddy
took him into the pits.

Another memorable moment. It was the weekend of the 2001 World 100 and someone had stolen
Earl's Water Truck.  I guess someone had described the person, and Danny fit the description
because when he was walking from the track back to his campsite, the cops pull up, ran him down
and tackle him to the ground.  Then, whoever described the person, ran over there and told the
cops that they had the wrong person, and that Danny had done nothing wrong.  It was a case of
mistaken identity.  

Danny would have been a great addition to the DRC!  He went to Ponderosa Speedway, Lake
Cumberland Speedway, Bluegrass Speedway, Florence Speedway, Eldora Speedway, Brownstown
Speedway, Pennsboro Speedway, Thunder Ridge Raceway(Prestonsburg), Atomic Motor
Speedway, Volunteer Speedway, Smokey Mountain Speedway, Tazwell Speedway, Perry County
Speedway, Mountain Motor Speedway, Clay City, Richmond Raceway, Campbellsville, Mt.
Vernon(KY), and many more.  As far as tracks, Eldora was his favorite.  He also liked Bardstown
& Florence a lot.  He really liked Bulls Gap also.  His favorite race was the World & Dream 100,
and the DTWC.  Danny very seldom missed a North/South 100.  Danny was a big fan of the BoB
Series.  Danny went by Yeager_C1_Fan on 4m.