20 laps with the Cast Iron Junkie
By Jeff Cornes

Hey racefan's Cast Iron Junkie here! As we begin the 2007 racing season,  I wanted to do
something different than the normal driver interview or story, and thought let's ask the readers.
After all isn't that what www.dirtfans.com is all about? For the fans, by the fans? So here we go,
this one is for all of you!

What is it that makes a good race car driver? Is it money? Hard work? Luck? A combination of
all these and several more? What are the other things you feel it takes to make a good race car

What is it that attracts us to our favorites? Is it the way the car looks? Is it the way the driver
looks? The way his or her  suite hugs their butt? Is it the way they drive? I know there isn't any
one thing, so that's why I'm asking  you the fans! Maybe by giving us writers some feedback on
what makes you tick, we can better serve you.

What is it that makes you home track your favorite? Is it the fact it's just up the road? Is it
because it doesn't cost alot to get in? Is it the people you see there, on and off the track? Is it the
racing that goes on there? Is it because it's the nicest facility? Is your home track even your
favorite? If not, what is your favorite track? And why?

www.dirtfans.com is always looking for new writers, fresh ideas, and different points of view, and
we ask for them regularly, so here's your opportunity to be heard! Share your opinions! Tell us
what stories are worth writing about, and who in your area deserves to have their stories told.

How do you feel about "big series racing"?  Do you feel the weekly shows at your local track
suffer because of them? How do you feel about Crate Engines? Would you like to see the "crate
lates" at your home track? Why, or why not? Do crate engines have a place in dirt racing? If you
answered that question yes, then what would that place be?  Do you like to see qualifying?  What
can be done to make the show better?  Do you feel like you are appreciated at your local track?
How would you rate your announcer? Is the food served at the consession stand good? Is it fairly
priced? What would you like to see to make it better?

There are a group of us connected to www.dirtfans.com that want to really make a difference in
the dirt racing world, and to do that we need to know the answers to all these questions! So
please, send us an e mail or sign up and post on any one of the message boards offered at
www.dirtfans.com or www.thedrc.net and voice your opinion! We'll greatly appreciate hearing
from you and it may be your answer or opinion or idea that makes the dirt racing experience
better for everyone! Don't hold back! We want  you to shoot strait from the hip, and look forward
to hearing from you!

I'm doing a few things I never even dreamed of five years ago, and I'm viewing dirt racing in a
totally different light. Here's hoping one of your answers, comments, questions or critisism will
spark something in someone to motivate them to take action, and try to really make a difference!
I know the great people here at www.dirtfans.com and the crazy bunch in the DRC, have helped
me decide to step up my game, and at least make an attemp to do something positive for the
weekly dirt racing program and the hard working racers and fans!  It's a WIN WIN situation to
do something positive, no matter how big or how small!

In closing, I want to thank JT LeFever and Jody Shannon  for giving me an opportunity to share
my passion for dirt racing with all of you, because without them none of this would be possible!

Thanks everybody! Please share with me, so that I can share even more with you! See you at the

Jeff Cornes, "The Cast Iron Junkie"