In Memory
Butch Wildermuth
Nominated By Phil Milosh
Longtime car and race sponsor Butch Wildermuth, of Quality Cars in Defiance Ohio passed
away suddenly at his house, Tuesday March 15th, 2005.  He will be greatly missed by his
family and his many friends.  Butch was a great man, he always had a smile for everybody,
and never said a bad word about anybody either.  Truly a great man.   Below is some
comments made about Butch by some of the people he touched most….

From Patterson Racing….

Patterson Racing sends it’s love to the Wildermuth family in this time of sorrow.  Butch was
one of them guys who made racing fun.  He wasn’t just a sponsor, but a true friend who
always went out of his way to stop by and chat with all of us, even if he was busy with his own
cars.  He made us feel at home when we needed a place to park the rig between races, and
always offered a helping hand, no matter what.  Butch shall always be a giant among men in
my eyes.  I will truly miss dinner and late night “bench racing” with “Underdog” at the

From Yoder Racing…

Butch Wildermuth
Today we not only lost a friend of Yoder Racing, but a close personal friend as well.  Butch
Wildermuth was a true Gentleman in a sometimes a ungentlemanly sport.  He was a mentor to
so many and was always there to lend whatever help he could to anyone in need.  Knowing
Butch isn’t going to be stopping by the car to talk and share that smile he always had makes
racing that much less desirable… the races will go on, but they will never be the same.  Your
love for racing made everybody your friend,  but your love for people made you a friend to
everyone.  From the entire Yoder family, and everybody at Yoder racing, we extend our
deepest sympathies to the Wildermuth  family.  May God bless you and grant you strength in
the coming days.

From C.W. Watson Racing…

C.W. Watson Racing would like to express our sincere condolences to the Wildermuth family
and friends during this time of great sorrow.  Butch Wildermuth always set an enormous
precedence regarding the true meaning of dirt track racing by his reputable display of class,
dignity, and sincerity on and off the track.  Butch’s efforts in helping out and sponsoring so
many dirt track teams and local tracks was a testament to what kind of  unselfish and
generous individual he truly was.  May God bless the Wildermuth family throughout their
grieving process and beyond.

From Ron Miller of Proven Chassis…

The racing community lost one of it’s biggest supporters and cheerleaders.  The race fan side
of Butch was as generous a person as you could find.  I guess he was occasionally to too
generous, if that is possible.  There are few Lm racers in this area who were not touched by
him.  Our lives and racing will go on, but they will certainly be changed.  Our prayers go out
to the Wildermuth family.
Aaron Scott driving the Halcomb racing #1 is the winner of the Ingural
2005 Butch Wildermuth memorial race held at Oakshade Raceway.