Tyler County Speedway
Independent Racing Series
June 16, 2007

By Kyle Jones

On Saturday night June 16th, I made my way back to my favorite track, the
Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne West Virginia for a $5,000 to win
Independent Racing Series show. 40 Late Models were on hand and ready to do
battle on the lightning fast bullring. Those down in the pits included
Robbie Blair, Tim Dohm, Dave Hess, Josh McGuire, George Lee, Rick Aukland,
Wayne Chinn, Matt Lux, Alex Feree and all of the Tyler County local hot
shoes like Scott, McGill, Benedum, Weigle, Horton, Wilmoth and Harper. This
was one of the best regional fields of cars that I have seen in a long time.

The track was prepped absolutely perfect, tacky and smooth with a nice
cushion. Pennsylvania's Alex Feree took a liking to the track surface and
turned a lap of 12.54 in qualifying to set fast time. Heat race winners were
Chris Wilson, Tim Dohm, Josh McGuire and Donnie Dotson. B-Main winners were
Alex Feree and Steve Wilmoth while "Flyin" Ryan Markham picked up the dash

The 5m of Ryan Markham and the B1 of Paul Wilmoth JR. brought the 25 car
starting field down to the green flag and it was on. Paul Wilmoth JR.
rocketed to the lead and was determined not to look back. The racing was
absolutely breath taking as 25 Super Late Models used three grooves around
the bullring at crazy speeds. An early race caution was good for both the
drivers and fans to catch their breath. Wilmoth JR led, followed by Markham,
Time Dohm, Doug Horton and the 21 of George Lee. Lee however would fade in
the next 10 laps after making some contact. The early race hard charger was
the WON11 of Robbie Blair. Robbie started 14th and managed to work his way
up to the 4th spot by lap 17. Dohm was able to muscle his way past Markham
for the 2nd spot but nobody and I mean nobody was going to catch race leader
Paul Wilmoth JR. Paul lapped half the field on his way to the big $5,000
win. Tim Dohm finished 2nd followed by Ryan Markham, Robbie Blair, Robbie
Scott, Josh McGuire, Wayne Chinn, Dave Hess JR., Donnie Dotson and Corey
Conley rounding out the top 10.

Hats off to the #15 of Donnie Dotson! Donnie appears to me as the quiet guy
at Tyler County but always manages to get his car in the feature and run
well with the big boys. Donnie finished 9th in this years running of the
Topless 50 at Tyler County and managed another 9th place finish in the IRS

WOW! What a show. I couldn't even keep up with all the happenings on the
racetrack. If you haven't made a trip to the Tyler County Speedway, I
suggest you do so. The racing was totally nuts and the speeds they turn
around that little bullring will have you on the edge of your seat. I am a
big fan of the Tyler County locals, especially when they are defending their
home turf when a touring series rolls into town. I have eight drivers I
always keep and eye on at Tyler County and here is how they finished. Paul
Wilmoth JR. 1st, Robbie Scott 5th, Steve Weigle 11th, Doug Horton 13th,
Steve Wilmoth 14th, Mike Benedum 18th, Butch McGill 22nd and Chuck Harper
24th. Not the best of showings but a local took the $5,000 and that nice to
see every now and then.

I can't wait to get back to the Tyler County Speedway, right now it's
looking like I will be back on July 28th for the BRP Big Block Modifieds and
Late Models. Everyone plan a trip out to the Tyler County Speedway, you
won't regret it.

That's it for me, this weekend I will be at the Attica Raceway Park for
double ALMS features and the K-C Raceway for their IRS show.