Twin Cities Raceway Park
North Vernon, IN
April 20, 2007

Photos by Thomas Hendrickson
Race Winner Rick Aukland
Steve Barnett(89) & Bart Hartman(75)
Scott James(83), Don O'Neal(71), & Jerry Rice(11)
Marty O'Neal(19) & Bart Hartman(75)
Jason Keltner(0) & Don O'Neal(71)
Rick Aukland(12) fought off challenges from Steve Barnett(89) in the
opening laps
Victor Lee set fast time and finished third in the feature, placing him atop
the standings after Friday night
Don O'Neal(71) & Bart Hartman(75)
Victor Lee(4) & Bart Hartman(75)
Rick Aukland(12) fends off one last charge from Don O'Neal(71) on the
final restart
Don O'Neal came from deep in the field to finish second
Rick Aukland