Thunder Thaw 50
Tazewell Speedway
Tazewell, TN
March 18, 2007

Photos by Thomas Hendrickson
Race Winner Jimmy Owens
Vic Hill(1) & Steve Smith(3)
Billy Ogle, Jr. set fast time
Damon Eller(I4) and Billy Ogle, Jr.(201)
Vic Hill(1), Brandon Kinzer(18), & Steve Smith(3)
Billy Ogle, Jr.(201), Damon Eller(I4), and Randy Weaver(116)
Vic Hill(1), Jack Trammell(90J), & Ricky Arms(4)
Damon Eller won the first dash to start from pole
The only challenge for Jimmy Owens on this day came in the dash, where he had to pass
Rick Rogers(44) for the win
David Payne(8) & Aaron Ridley(81)
Jimmy Owens in victory lane