Richmond Raceway
"Fall Championships"
Richmond, KY
September 15, 2007

Photos by Thomas Hendrickson
Tyrel Todd put on a dominate performance in the caution free event
Josh McGuire(41) & Tim Tungate(18) battled side by side for the race
lead in the opening laps
Aaron Hatton(33) & Chris Combs(47)
Bobby Carrier, Jr.(17) & Dennis Roberson(25)
Tyrel Todd(14) takes third from David Webb(13w)
Dan Deaton(D2) & Marty Stepp(06)
Tyrel Todd(14) & David Webb(13w)
Josh McGuire
Jason Keltner(0) & Victor Lee(68)
Tyrel Todd(14) drives around the outside of Tim Tungate(18)
for the race lead
Jason Keltner(0) rallied late to take second from Tim Tungate(18)
on the final lap
Tyrel Todd celebrates his first win of the season
Tyrel Todd & Crew