24th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic
Brownstown Speedway
Brownstown, IN
April 21, 2007

Photos by Thomas Hendrickson
Race Winner Don O'Neal
Bryan Barber(10) & Justin Rattliff(16)
Victor Lee(4) charged from a provisional starting spot to battle Brandon
Kinzer(18) inside the top 10
John Gill
Bart Hartman set fast time
Jason Keltner(0) & Greg Johnson(4)
Bart Hartman(75) & Don O'Neal(71)
Don O'Neal(71) takes a look underneath Mike Marlar(34) for the lead
Justin Rattliff(16) & Chris Combs(47)
Mark Frazier(9F), David Webb(13W), & Brad Neat(41)
Don O'Neal
Don O'Neal became a six time Hoosier Dirt Classic winner