Elkins Speedway
7th Annual Chuck Gear Memorial
Elkins, WV
June 23, 2007

Photos by Bob Reed
Chuck Gear Memorial winner Rickie Williams
SL winner Billy Beachler and wife
Modified winner Dave Defibaugh and son Dave Jr.
PS winner Mike O'Brien
4 Cyl winner Dave Mullenax
Mini Wedge winner Garret Paugh leads Zak Kimbrew down the back
straight during the feature
SL heat winner Jimmie McCloud
Modified heat winner Jason Defibaugh
Modified heat winner Dave Defibaugh
PS heat winner Randy Bohan
4 Cyl heat winner Dave Mullenax
4 Cyl heat winner Joe Mullenax
In Heat 3 action Chuck Gear Memorial winner Rickie Williams leads
Charlie George and Bobbie Hill into turn 1
At the start of Heat 1 Sammy Stile and Butch McGill lead Jacob Hawkins,
Zak Dohm, Donnie Dotson and John Parsons into turn 1
In heat 2 L.C Powers and Tracy Sampson go thru turn 1 & 2 as Shawn
Poling spins as Richard Frazier and Trey Martin try to avoid him
In the Chuck Gear Memorial John Parsons, Shawn Poling and Richard
Frazier avoid a spinning Mike Benedum
In Modified action Jason Defibaugh leads Sparky Davidson and Phil
Jeffries into turn 1
During hot laps Paul Wilmoth and Tim Dohm battle
Rickie Williams wins 7th Annual Chuck Gear Memorial at the Elkins

By Bob Reed

Kerens, WV. 6/23/2007.  Ricky Williams, Beckley, claimed his biggest LM
win ever when he won the 7th Annual Chuck Gear Memorial at the Elkins
Speedway.  Eighth starting Williams got under leader Tim Dohm in turns 1
& 2 on lap 44 and passed Dohm going down the back straight to assume
the lead which he never relinquished over the final 32 laps.  Only 3
cautions slowed Williams as he steadily increased his lead after every
restart and won by almost a straight at the checkered.

Williams said after the race:  “The track remained smooth the entire race
and you could pass anywhere.”  Williams also told me that his car was
perfect as it would turn anywhere and he could run all over the track.”

The race got off to a bad start as two cautions reset the field and
eliminated one car (Skip Hare) before one lap was in the books.  On the
first attempt a jam in turn 4 collected Hare, Bobby Hill and Joe Loudin.  
The next attempt at a start also had a mishap in turn 4 with outside
polesitter Mike Benedum spinning in front of the entire field.  Luckily
everyone missed him with just some bent sheetmetal on several cars who
took evasive action.  Officials ruled that Benedum had been spun by
Robbie Scott and as a result Scott was also relegated to the rear of the
field for the 3rd start.

On the first two starts Chuck Harper from the pole jumped to the lead but
on the 3rd start Jared Hawkins who assumed the outside pole after
Benedum and Scott went to the tail powered around Harper on the top side
for the lead.  On the first lap he was followed by Harper, Dohm, Paul
Wilmoth, Williams, Stiles, Butch McGill, Steve Wilmoth, Jacob Hawkins
and Senic.  Hawkins held the point until Harper got by on lap 9 as the rest
of the top ten remained the same and nose to tail.  Scott who restarted on
the tail was beginning to move through the field and by lap 10 was up to
16th while Benedum lanquished near the rear.

Harper continued to lead through lap 41 when the caution flew as Jacob
Hawkins stopped in turn 4 with a blown motor.  At this point the top 10 was
Harper, Dohm, Williams, Jared Hawkins, Paul Wilmoth, Stiles, Steve
Wilmoth, McGill, Senic and Scott.    Dohm got under Jared Hawkins on lap
33 to assume 2nd.  Williams had gotten by Paul Wilmoth for 4th on lap 16
and then Hawkins for 3rd on lap 35.  Scott had moved into the top ten on
lap 37 as he got by Dusty Hamrick who had earlier passed Jacob Hawkins.

On the restart Harper faltered and both Dohm and Williams got by him.  
Everyone else maintained there spots.  Then on lap 43 Senic slipped off
the top of turn 2 bringing out the yellow.  This moved Scott to 9th behind
McGill with Hamrick moving back into the top 10.

Williams wasted no time getting by Dohm , who led only laps 42 and 43.  
Williams slipped under Dohm in turns 1 & 2 on lap 44, shot by him on the
back straight and never looked back.  His lead swelled to over a straight
at times with only 2 spins by Richard Frazier and 1 by Tracy Sampson
slowing him.  After each restart he increased his lead back to a straight
Meanwhile all the action was in the back as Steve Wilmoth dropped out on
lap 66 with mechanical problems.  Paul Wilmoth finally got by Jerod
Hawkins on lap 68.  These two had been in a heated battle since lap 36.  
Also on lap 68 Scott got by McGill for 5th and on lap 73 Paul Wilmoth for
4th.  At the flag he was on the rear bumper of Harper as he made up
almost 1 straight in 7 laps.

Williams crossed the line with a straight advantage over Dohm with
Harper 4 or 5 lengths behind in 3rd and Scott on his tail in 4th while Paul
Wilmoth maintained 5th.  Jared Hawkins who led the first 8 laps held on
for 6th followed by McGill, Stiles, Hamrick and 19th starting Donnie

Heats were won by McGill, Williams and Steve Wilmoth.  Harper won the
dash while Trey Martin won the B-Main.  Dohm was the quick qualifier
@15.34 of the 30 cars taking time.

Notes:  Williams #12 Rocket is powered by Pro Power Performance
Racing Chevrolet Engine and is sponsored by Axis Custom Decals, Pro
Power Performance Racing Engines and Hoosier.

Notes:  24 cars took the green with 13 running at the checkered.  Only 6
cautions slowed the action.  Hard Charger was Scott.  He started 23rd on
the 3rd start and finished 4th, a gain of 19 spots.

Notes:  Mike Balzano who was 9th quick qualifier, started on the pole of
the 3rd heat and blew his engine on the first lap thus he did not make the
race.  Charlie George had problems in his heat and never came out for the
B-Main and missed the race.  L.P. Roy went off turns 3 & 4 in his heat,
damaging the rear of the #03 and failed to make the race.  Also not making
the race were Kris Southern, Zak Dohm and Steve Booth.

Notes:  John Parsons and L.P. Roy were out for the first time this year.  
First time visitors this year were Williams, Tim & Zak Dohm, Balzano,  
Jared & Jacob Hawkins, Dotson, Hill, Stiles, L.C. Powers and Martin.

In J&M Grafix SL action Billy Beachler driving Tommy Pennington’s
Rocket #37Jr won his first feature of the year at the Elkins Speedway.  
From the outside pole Beachler got the jump on polesitter Jim McCloud,
took the lead and won by ½ straight over McCloud who trailed the entire
12 laps.  Rusty Ball was 3rd followed by Kevin Keene, Brad Harris and
Ron Clevenger.  The only heat was won by McCloud.

Notes:  Only 6 cars as several SL opted to run LM tonight for the money.  
No cautions tonight.

The Miller’s Used Cars modified feature was led to the green by Justin
Defibaugh and uncle Dave Defibaugh.  Dave from the outside powered
around Justin in turns 1 & 2 and led all 15 laps for his 2nd win of the year.  
Justin only got close on the many restarts and finished 2nd with Andre
Layfield 3rd, Phil Jeffries 4th and Kevin Doyle 5th.  Heats to Justin and
Dave Defibaugh.

Notes:  12 cars started with 8 running the distance.  8 cautions slowed the

Mike Green won his 5th Leslie Equipment Co SS Feature of the year when
bad luck took out the early leaders.

On the first attempt at a start polesitter Anthony Arbogast and outside
polesitter Randy Bohan tangled with Bohan spinning in front of Dusty
Specker who ran over the front of Bohan’s #19.  Bohan was towed to the
pits.  On the 2nd drop of the green last week’s winner Arbogast took the
lead over Swecker and Green.  Arbogast led through lap 8 when a caution
flew for Spec Yokum who went off turn 3.  While lining up Arbogast
suddenly went pitside with heating problems.  This gave the lead to
Swecker with Green 2nd on the restart.  Swecker lost it in turn 4 on the
first lap after the green flew.  Green went by as Swecker went pitside.  
Ricky Vest moved into 2nd followed by Randy Thornhill, Mac Wimer and
Robert Isner.  These five went under the checkered in his order.  Heats to
Arbogast and Randy Bohan.

Notes:  18 cars in the pits with 16 starting the feature.  Only 8 were
running after 12 laps.  Hard charger was Robert Isner who started 16th
and finished 5th, a gain of 11 spots.

Notes:  Brandon Kerr was driving the #10 which was out for the first time
this year.  Also Tommy Crosston was out for the first time this year.  Spec
Yokum had his new car out and spun or went off the track several times.  
He had Anthony Arbogast drive it after the races to see what he needed to

Dave Mullenax continued his dominance of the Leslie Equipment Co 4 Cyl
class with his 6th win in 7 races this year.  Rick Kesner finished 2nd with
Michael Cromer 3rd, Travis Mullenax 4th and Zac Williams 5th.  Heats to
Dave & Joe Mullenax.

Notes:  Only 8 cars in the pits tonight.  Larry Hoover had problems in his
heat, started last in the feature and only ran 1 lap before going to the pits.

Garrett Paugh won his 3rd Broughton’s Sports & Trophy World Mini
Wedge feature of the year.  Zak Kimbrew was 2nd followed by Megan
Davis, Ryan Watson and James Nelson.  Paugh also won the heat.

Next week at the Elkins Speedway is the $1000 to win modified race.  This
was the rained out event from July 9th.  For further details check out our
website @www.elkinsmotorspeedway.com.


7th Annual Chuck Gear Memorial – Rickie Williams, Tim Dohm, Chuck
Harper, Robbie Scott, Paul Wilmoth, Jared Hawkins, Butch McGill,
Sammy Stile, Dusty Hamrick, Donny Dotson, L.C. Powers, Bobby Hill,
Tim Senic, Joe Loudin, Steve Wilmoth, Richard Frazier, Stanley Spooner,
Mike Benedum, Tracy Sampson, Jacob Hawkins, Shawn Poling, John
Parsons, Trey Martin, Skip Hare.
Dash – Harper, Benedum, Jared Hawkins, Scott, Paul Wilmoth, Tim Dohm.
Ht 1 – McGill, Stile, Jacob Hawkins, Parsons, Dotson, Spooner, Zac
Dohm, Booth.
Ht 2 – Williams, Hill, Powers, Sampson, Frazier, Martin, George, Poling.
Ht 3 – Steve Wilmoth, Senic, Hamrick, Hare, Loudin, Southern, Roy,
B-Main – Martin, Poling, Spooner, Southern, Booth.  DNS – Zac Dohm,
George, Roy, Balzano.
Qualifications – Tim Dohm 15.34; Paul Wilmoth 15.44; Scott 15.46; Jared
Hawkins 15.55; Benedum 15.58; Harper 15.65; Stiles 15.69; Hill 15.72;
Balzano 15.73; McGill 15.83; Williams 15.91; Steve Wilmoth 15.92; Jacob
Hawkins 15.97; Powers 16.06; Hamrick 16.09; Parsons 16.09; George
16.16; Senic 16.19; Zac Dohm 16.10; Poling 16.19; Southern 16.27; Dotson
16.32; Sampson 16.43; Loudin 16.49; Booth 16.69; Frazier 16.73; Hare
16.90; Spooner 17.05; Martin 17.13; L.P. Roy NT.

Feature – Billy Beachler, Jim McCloud, Rusty Ball, Keven Keene, Brad
Harris, Ron Clevenger.
Ht – McCloud, Beachler, Harris, Ball, Keene, Clevenger.

Feature – Dave Defibaugh, Jason Defibaugh, Andre Layfield, Phil
Jeffries, Kevin Doyle, Sparky Davidson, Mike Murphy, Delmas
Whiteman, Kevin Helmick, Sam Henderson, Robert Radcliff, Jamie
Ht 1 – Jason Defibaugh, Davidson, Jeffries, Murphy, Radcliff, Henderson.
Ht 2 – Dave Defibaugh, Layfield, Doyle, McCloud, Whiteman, Helmick.

Feature – Mike O’Brien, Ricky Vest, Randy Thornhill, Mac Wimer,
Robert Isner, Kirby Callahan, Spec Yokum, John Ford, Dustin Isner,
Dusty Swecker, Anthony Arbogast, Teresa Vaughn, Kenny Vest, Brandon
Kerr, Randy Bohan, Johnny Singleton.  DNS k- Robin Maxson, Tommy
Ht 1 – Arbogast, Swecker, O’Brien, Singleton, Kenny Vest, Callahan,
Ford, Vaughn, Crosston.
Ht 2 – Bohan, Ricky Vest, Thornhill, Wimer, Dustin Isner, Yokum, Kerr,
Maxson.  DNS – Robert Isner.

Feature – Dave Mullenax, Rick Kesner, Michael Cromer, Travis
Mullenax, Zac Williams, Joe Mullenax, Steven Sisler, Larry Hoover.
Ht 1 – Dave Mullenax, Cromer, Williams, Hoover.
Ht 2 – Joe Mullenax, Kesner, Travis Mullenax, Sisler.

Feature – Garrett Paugh, Zak Kimbrew, Megan Davis, Ryan Watson,
James Nelson, Elliot Newlon, Kaylee Yokum.
Ht – Paugh, Kimbrew, Davis, Watson, Nelson, Newlon, Yokum.