Richmond Raceway
20th Annual Paul "Butterball" Wooldridge
Richmond, KY
July 21, 2007

Photos by Thomas Hendrickson
Race Winner Tim Tungate
Chris Combs(47) & Victor Lee(4)
Tim Tungate(18) battles Duane Chamberlain(1) for the early race lead
Dustin Neat(25) & Aaron Hatton(33)
Tyrel Todd(14) & Mike Jewell(9)
Duane Chamberlain(1) & Victor Lee(4)
Jason Keltner(0) & Mike Jewell(9)
Jerry Rice(11) takes a look underneath leader Tim Tungate(18)
Aaron Hatton(33) & Dennis Roberson(25)
Jason Keltner(0)
Tyrel Todd(14) & Jerry Rice(11)
Brad Barrow(1), Doug Smith(45), & John Jackson(28) crash
Michael England(5E) & David Webb(13w)
21st place starter Victor Lee(4) challenges Mike Jewell(9) for second on
the final lap
Tim Tungate