2004 World 100
Photos below results
215 drivers attempted qualifying.
Fast Qualifer: Scott Bloomquist 16.153
Scott Bloomquist drew the '4' pill for the heat race inversion.
Heat #1: 1)Chub Frank 2)Jimmy Mars 3)Shane Yoder 4)Bart Hartman 5)Dick Phillips 6)Shawn
Negangard 7)Johnny Johnson 8)Bob Lanter 9)Scott Bowersock 10)Brad Erwin 11)Skip Arp 12)Jeff Bair
13)John VanDenberg 14)Steve Shaver 15)Wendell Wallace 16)Rodney Combs 17)Mark Barber 18)Bobby
Wolter Jr 19)Terry English 20)Scott Bloomquist

Heat #2: 1)Darren Miller 2)Brian Birkhofer 3)Shane Clanton 4)Brad Neat 5)Jeremy Williams 6)John
Bare 7)Rod Conley 8)John Mason 9)Jeff Taylor 10)Donnie Moran 11)Paul Harris 12)Kris Patterson 13)
Terry Casey 14)Jason Feger 15)Richie Hedrick 16)Barry Doss 17)Benji Lee 18)Jerry Bowersock 19)Wes
Steindinger 20)Scott Drake

Heat #3: 1)Jimmy Owens 2)Eddie Carrier Jr 3)Steve Casebolt 4)Scott James 5)Rick Aukland 6)Rohn
Moon 7)Steve Lance Jr 8)Justin Allgaier 9)Cody Mahoney 10)Joe Harlan 11)Tim Lance 12)Nick
Marolf13)Earl Pearson Jr 14)Randy Woodling 15)Blake Chinn 16)Aaron Scott 17)Wayne Chinn 18)Jesse
Lay 19)Audie McWilliams 20)Kelly Boen

Heat #4: 1)Tim Hitt 2)Don O'Neal 3)Dan Schlieper 4)Dennis Erb 5)Delmas Conley 6)Shannon Babb 7)
Shawn Toczek 8)Randy Korte 9)Mike Marlar 10)Billy Trueblood Jr 11)Gary Richard 12)Duane
Chamberlain 13)Matt Miller 14)Frankie Coomer 15)Jerry Rice 16)Brady Smith 17)Whitney McQueary
18)Steve Francis 19)Chad Smith 20)Kevin Claycomb

Heat #5: 1)Billy Moyer 2)Billy Drake 3)Dale McDowell 4)Jeep VanWormer 5)Davey Johnson 6)Mike
Balzano 7)Rick Corbin 8)Joe Rice 9)Chris Carlson 10)Steve Smith 11)John Provenzano 12)Marc Kurth
13)Tait Davenport 14)Eric Smith 15)Sam Epling 16)Randle Chupp 17)Garrett Durrett 18)Earl Smith 19)
Steve Kosisiki 20)Kevin Weaver

Heat #6: 1)Darrell Lanigan 2)Jackie Boggs 3)Clint Smith 4)Brian Ruhlman 5)Ray Cook 6)Rick Eckert 7)
Terry Phillips 8)Keith Berner 9)Josh Williams 10)Brandon Kinzer 11)John Gill 12)Jay Johnson 13)Rick
Rickman 14)Chuckie May 15)Randy Burrows 16)Jack Pencil 17)Randy Boggs 18)Greg Johnson 19)R.J.
Conley 20)Rusty Schlenk

BMain: 1)Scott James 2)Dennis Erb 3)Jeep VanWormer 4)Brian Ruhlman 5)Delmas Conley 6)Rick
Eckert 7)Rick Aukland 8)Mike Balzano 9)Josh Williams 10)Rohn Moon 11)Rick Corbin 12)Shawn
Negangard 13)Steve Lance 14)Davey Johnson 15)Dick Phillips 16)Ray Cook 17)Shawn Toczek 18)Brad

2004 World 100
Finish: 1)Chub Frank 2)Don O’Neal 3)Brian Birkhofer, 4)Dan Schlieper 5)Jimmy Mars 6)Tim Hitt 7)
Darren Miller, 8)Earl Pearson Jr. 9)Scott Bloomquist 10)Dennis Erb 11)Shane Clanton 12)Billy Drake 13)
Brian Ruhlman 14)Shane Yoder 15)Jimmy Owens 16)Jeep VanWormer 17)Eddie Carrier Jr. 18)Steve
Casebolt 19)Clint Smith 20)Scott James 21)Billy Moyer 22)Dale McDowell 23)Jackie Boggs 24)Darrell

Lap Leaders: Moyer 1-21, Lanigan 22-32, Boggs 33, Moyer 34-47, Owens 48-62, Frank 63-100
Photos and captions by
Tony Hammett
Chub Frank at speed in the late evening sun at Eldora Speedway.
Kevin Claycomb (28) did not get the chance to enjoy his last race as he
flipped and landed on top on Chad Smith (19) totally destroying his car.
The one sad moment on a truly enjoyable World 100 weekend was the
official announcement that Earl and Berneice Baltes are stepping down
from the helm of their beloved Eldora Speedway due to health issues.
Jackie Boggs (4b) has had a tremendous year in 2004, and he looked
as though he might add DLM's crown jewel to his resume as he
bypasses Darren Miller (32d), but a collision between himself and
Darrell Lanigan eliminated the pair.
After pitting on lap 13, Scott Bloomquist (0) was still scored on the lead
lap though many felt him a lap down and his persistence paid off with a
ninth-place finish.
Tim Hitt (68) attempts to take the final top-five spot in the World 100
finishing order away from Jimmy Mars (28), but would have to settle
for sixth behind the "Ice Man."
Darrell Lanigan (29) passes Billy Moyer (21) on lap 22 to take the
point for ten laps before contact between himself and Jackie Boggs
eliminated both competitors.
Jimmy Owens (20) proved his mettle against the very best in the sport
at Eldora as here he passes Billy Moyer (21) to lead America's most
coveted DLM race for 15 laps before a pair of flat tires took away his
chances at a good finish.
Eventual winner Chub Frank (1*) applies heavy pressure to Don
O'Neal (71) before the pair reversed positions at the checkers for the
34th annual World 100.
Dan Schieper (9) made a strong run at the end of the World 100 in an
effort to repeat last year's victory, but ran into a buzz saw in Brian
Birkhofer (15b) settling for fourth behind "Birky".
A three-way battle for second in the waning laps of the World 100 pits
Don O'Neal (71) versus Jimmy Mars (28) and Brian Birkhofer (15b).
Chub Frank pumps his fist as he wins the 34th World 100 at Eldora
cementing the fact that he is among the very best and that he has
rebounded from a devastating fire and the death of his mother in the
same racing season.
Chub Frank celebrates with a crowd on the victory stand at Eldora
after winning the World 100.